Four days of talks and performances aimed at a broad public. The topics for discussion include the specific processes of design and creativity, new ways of approaching the markets and redrafting the language of different artistic disciplines.

Alex Mowat (Urban Salon), António Damásio, Chantal Hamaide, Clara Ferreira Alves, David Adjaye (Adjaye Associates), Dieter Rams, Erwan Bouroullec, Jaime Hayon (Fabrica-Benetton), Filipe Alarcão, Gilda Bojardi, Giulio Cappellini, Karim Rashid, Lisa Fiore (MUF), Lucy Bullivant, Manuel Graça Dias, Mark Fisher, Mark Goulthorpe (dECOI), Max Bruinsma, Oliver Vogt, Pedro Gadanho, Ricardo Cunha Vaz, Ronan Bouroullec, Sean Griffiths (FAT)


18th, 19th September, 16:00 - Centro Cultural de Belém

22nd September, 17:00 - Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian


A 5-day workshop at the Convento da Arrábida. It will serve as a forum for theoretical discussion of a specialist nature as part of the programme for experimentadesign2001 and will bring together major thinkers and artists from Portugal, the United States, Switzerland, France, England, Brazil, Israel and Italy. The central aim is to hold an in-depth debate on changes currently taking place, with a shared starting point: thought as design. Like the biennale itself, the workshop is designed to cut across disciplinary and cultural borders, bringing highly diverse disciplines and thinkers face to face with each other.
René Berger will be present at the workshop, chairing the debates and presenting the final summary.

René Berger [+]
Daniel Charles, Daniel Shechtman [+], Eduardo Reck Miranda [+], Emanuel Pimenta [+], Francesco Mariotti, Joseph Brenner, Laura Kuhn, Roman Verostko [+], Roti Nielba Turin, Riva Oxman, Roy Ascott [+], Rui Trindade, Tamara Läi [+], Teresa Cruz, William Anastasi

Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta [+] and Guta Moura Guedes [+]

15th to 19th October, Convento da Arrábida, Serra da Arrábida (Azeitão)
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In addition to the catalogues published for individual events, Reflex#2 is a book which seeks to go beyond the traditional format for recording an event by adding an extra dimension of reflection on the questions raised by experimenta design 2001.
Contributions by participants and other writers on the theme focussed by the event.

Architecture, New Media, Video, Industrial Design

A sequence of presentations, workshops and video screenings seeking to assess the influence of virtual platforms and electronic technology on the language and the processes of design. Over the course of six weeks, working designers and theoreticians will make an appearance, in person or by digital means, presenting and discussing ideas, works and working methods.

conferences and workshops
Ammo City (Richard Norris+Graham Brown-Martin), Casey Reas (MIT), Didier Fiuza Faustino, Dub Video Connection+João Vinagre, Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta+William Anastasi+João Paulo Feliciano, Ian Andersen (The Designers Republic), João Magalhães Rocha+Luísa Caldas+José Pinto Duarte, Jam System/Marco Sousa Santos, LOT/EK Architecture, Mário Feliciano, Matt Mullican, NOX/Lars Spuybroek, Rev Design, Thomas Leeser.
on-line conferences and video screenings
Asymptote, Ben van Berkel, Lia, Makoto Sei Watanabe, Miguel Soares, Neil Denari, Zaha Hadid

19th September to 27th October
Lounging Space Armazém B, Cais da Pedra a Santa Apolónia 12:00/15:00/18:30

[programme] [participants]

Dance, Video, Set Design, Multimedia

A take on the body in the digital age. A specially designed installation using multimedia technology sets up an encounter between the real body and its representation through images. Each of the performances explores variations in visual and auditory perception, and includes interaction with the audience.

Centro Coreográfico de Montemor-o-Novo

created by Rui Horta

multimedia Helder Luís

structure design Fernando Brízio

music Vitor Joaquim

performers Volker Mitch, Patrick Hurde

18th to 28th September, 20:30 and 22:00 (except on the 24th)
CAM/ACARTE – part of the Encontros ACARTE 2001

Architecture, Visual Arts, Design, New Media

Space Invaders - Emergent British Architecture, is a show that brings together for the first time 15 of the brightest talents of the latest generation of British architects. The exhibition illustrates new inter-disciplinary approaches to the idea of design and intervention in an urban setting. The installations designed especially for the exhibition take into account the concern with communicating conceptual and professional strategies to a wider public.

British Council - Art, Architecture & Design Department

Pedro Gadanho and Lucy Bullivant

atopia, Block, David Adjaye, dECOI, de Rijke Marsh Morgan, East, FAT, Foreign Office Architects (FOA), GL+P (General Lighting and Power), Klein Dytham Architects (KDa), MUF, Piercy Conner, s333, SoftRoom, Urban Salon

23rd September to 31st October
Galeria EDP.Arte - Museu da Electricidade-Central Tejo – Av. De Brasília
(closed on Monday) - 14:00 > 21:00

Industrial Design

Exhibition on the work of Dieter Rams, key figure in the industrial design of the second half of the twentieth century. Rams’ work has been acclaimed for the efficiency and accessibility of the objects designed and for his developments in the area of furniture systems. His creations are presented in a simulated domestic environment, with a separate studio area illustrating his working methods.

Centro Cultural de Belém

Miguel Vieira Baptista

exhibition design
Henrique Ralheta and Miguel Vieira Baptista

20th September to 25th November
Centro Cultural de Belém - Grande Hall, Exhibition Centre – Praça do Império - (everyday) - 11:00 > 20:00


A look at film as a design process, exploring aspects such as lighting, colour and spatial design and the possibilities of reorganising and working directly on the materials used. Taking in a wide variety of contrasting genres, media and methods used throughout the history of film.

Ricardo Matos Cabo

Cinemateca Portuguesa/ Experimenta

Jürgen Reble, Porter Ricks (Thomas Köner, Andy Mellwig)

2nd October, 23:00 - LUX-Frágil
3rd, 4th October, 21:30 - Cinemateca Portuguesa / Palácio Foz
6th October, 18:30 and 21:30 - Cinemateca Portuguesa / Palácio Foz


Industrial Design

Exhibition of never-before-seen pieces by some of Portugal’s leading industrial designers. The show seeks to highlight conceptual strategies and methodological approaches, presenting the designers’ own analyses of their work and their modus operandi.


Ana Vasconcelos, Azul Quente, Elder Monteiro, Fernando Brízio, Filipe Alarcão, Francisco Providência, Henrique Ralheta, Joana Morais, Joana Tordo, José Viana, Luis Pessanha, Marco Sousa Santos, Paulo Parra, Pedro Silva Dias, Pedro Sottomayor, Raúl Cunca, Rita Filipe

exhibition design
Henrique Ralheta

22nd September to 31st October
Torreão Nascente da Cordoaria Nacional – Av. Da Índia
(closed on Monday) - 11:00 > 20:00

The Collector’s House represents experimenta’s response to a suggestion from the organizers of Intercasa, the Lisbon interior design trade fair running concurrently with this year’s biennale. In order to establish a point of contact between the two events, Experimenta is presenting an “experimental house”, designed by the architect Luís Tavares Pereira, and decorated by pieces chosen by two curators, Miguel Wandschneider (visual arts), who has opted for works which merge with the domestic environment, and Filipe Alarcão (design), who has combined new prototypes with standard design items chosen from the trade fair itself. The aim is to create an environment which can surprise visitors from different personal and professional backgrounds, both stimulating the imagination and subverting the culture of materialism.

Luís Tavares Pereira

Filipe Alarcão
design assistant
João Regal

visual arts
Miguel Wandschneider


9 to 14 October, FIL – Parque das Nações – 15:00 > 23:00

Ambient Design

This is a multifaceted project planned for a central Lisbon location, designed to serve the press, participants and the public in general.
Both informal laboratory and café, Lounging Space will serve as the venue for some of the events on the programme, at the same time raising awareness of the biennale as a whole for the entire duration of experimenta design 2001.

design and coordination

19th September to 31st October
Armazém B, Cais da Pedra a Sta. Apolónia
(every day) 12:00 > 24:00

One-man show of photographs especially commissioned from Pedro Cláudio for experimentadesign2001. The eight images presented in the Promontório group’s newly opened gallery were created by the photographer and video producer, Pedro Cláudio, in response to Experimenta’s invitation to show new work on the theme of modus operandi for this year’s biennale.
Pedro Cláudio studied Media Design at FBAUL. He started working as a photographer in 1988 and has established himself as one of Portugal’s leading fashion photographers.


21 September to 31 October
Galeria do Promontório - R. Fábrica do Material de Guerra, 10
(closed on Saturday and Sunday) – 11:00 > 20:00