This Module comprises four screens onto which short films, videos and 3d presentations will be shown. These works will cover different areas of contemporary portuguese creativity.

TERMINAL 01 Architecture, Video
This screen will show short films / videos introducing a number of different perspectives to architectural works produced in Portugal in the past five years. The diversity of the clips reveals the uniqueness of each personal approach towards the moving image both in the means and the language used.

concept and coordination
Pedro Gadanho

videos by
Filipa César, Dub Video Connection, Rita Nunes, José Pinheiro

architectures from
Inês Lobo / Pedro Domingos, João Mendes Ribeiro, José Adrião / Pedro Pacheco, José Carlos Cruz / Susana Bonifácio, Luís Tavares Pereira, Margarida Grácio Nunes / Fernando Sanchez Salvador, Mário Louro, Pedro Gadanho

TERMINAL 02 Dance, Graphic Design, Video, New Media

Terminal 02 makes use of video sampling and interactive technologies. A midi controller allows visitors to access a colection of computer based movie clips showcasing work from two distinct disciplines: Dancers / Coreographers present ultra short pieces specially conceived for computer manipulation. Graphic Designers present a selection of short films, animations or still images documenting the core of their modus operandi.

concept and coordination
João Paulo Feliciano

Rui Horta, Vera Mantero, Paulo Ribeiro, Clara Andermatt, Sílvia Real, Né Barros, Leonor Keil, João Fiadeiro

videos by
José Pinheiro

graphic design by
Secretonix, Rev Design, Carlos Guerreiro, No Type, Drop Design, DEF, Júlio Dolbeth, Mário Moura, Tiago Machado

multimedia design
Helder Luís

TERMINAL 03 Visual Arts, Video

Presentation of videos created by contemporary artists exploring different uses of this medium. The manipulation of all visual signs is a deliberate attempt at overcoming the ideological complexity of their multiple uses thus provoking irony, surprise or even laughter.

concept and coordination
Pedro Lapa

Ana Pinto, Ângela Ferreira, Carlos Roque, Filipa César, Francisco Queirós, João Onofre, João Paulo Feliciano, João Tabarra.


TERMINAL 04 Product & Ambient Design, Multimedia

Jam System is a 3D virtual speculation on the future of working places for creative studios developed by a group of Portuguese designers.

concept and coordination
Proto Design / Marco Sousa Santos

Andreia Brandão, Cláudia Clemente / Rafael Sá Pereira / Pedro Ferreira Mira, Elder Monteiro, Henrique Ralheta, Isabel Antunes, Luís Pessanha, Manuel vital, Márcio Luiz, Marco Madruga, Miguel Duarte, Paula Cristina, Rui Alexandre

multimedia design
Marco Madruga

3D design
Elder Monteiro, Marco Madruga