The programme for experimentadesign2001 includes a number of events which come under the heading of “fringe events”, organised by some of Experimenta’s strategic partners in different areas.

Exhibition of work by the Dutch designer, Hella Jongerius, founder of the Jongerius Lab, whose work can be seen at museums such as MoMA in New York and the Dutch Textile Museum in Holland. Her work combines industrial techniques and traditional crafts. Hella Jongerius accepts imprecision in materials, welcoming and exploiting the effect of uneven warping or the join marks between moulds.

This exhibition shows some of her pieces, including those created as part of the multi-designer Project 01 organized by Atlantis Crystal.

20 September to 16 October
Galeria Design Atlantis (Rua Ivens)

Fabrica, Benetton’s creative research centre in Treviso, set up by Oliviero Toscani and Luciano Benetton, will be conducting a talent scouting exercise in Portugal over the course of two days. Artists and designers aged 25 and under will be interviewed and will have the chance to present their portfolios, with the possibility of being invited to work with Fabrica or to spend a period in residence.

26 and 27 October
Lounging Space – Armazém B, Cais da Pedra a Santa Apolónia

PublicPlace is organized by the Centro Português de Design, and is presented at two different venues. The Lisboa Welcome Center will serve as a meeting point for designers, architects and other professionals, faculties, businessmen and local councillors, dealing with the themes of design, the city and lifestyles, including exhibitions, competitions, debates and a cyber café.
The Galeria da Mitra will host exhibitions of craft design and photography, as well as book launches and debates.

design and production
Centro Português de Design

photography curator
Pedro Brandão
design / craft curator
Francisco Providência

Lisboa Welcome Center – 18 to 30 September
Galeria Municipal da Mitra – 2 to 29 October