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Voyager 03 is an installation/exhibition about Portuguese creativity.
It is a design project. It is also an action of communication.

The prime contents of Voyager 03 are its concept and design. Or, in other words, the conception of the structure as an operation and the way in which this is turned into a three-dimensional object. It can therefore be said that the first design piece presented by Voyager 03 is the installation itself. The installation itself as a future container of other pieces.

The contents transported by Voyager 03 are the result of direct invitations addressed to more than 40 Portuguese creators. They represent an intense and profound work of collaboration between the people to whom the challenge was made and those who issued the challenge. It was designed to be self-transportable, travelling around European roads, parking itself and spreading over the public space of each city in which it is presented.

Its compact construction and minimal space have given rise to exhibitions that intermingle with situations created by artists and designers. The overall soundtrack is distributed around the inside and outside of the installation, underlining the unexpected uses and multidisciplinary crossovers of its contents.
Voyager 03 introduces the city of Lisbon into the international circuits of creativity and contributes to an effective renewal of the image of recent Portuguese culture.


Voyager's architecture section launched a call-for-concepts for a hot theme in Lisbon's political and urban agenda: car parks for the historical center.
The resulting models propose the visitors innovative ideas for the future of the city and urban use.

A.S*, CVDB Arquitectos, E-Studio, Emit Flesti, Global - João Gomes da Silva, Luís Pereira Miguel, Nuno Mateus Guerreiro, Patrícia Chorão Ramalho + João Miranda, S'A Arquitectos.

Five photographic essays are presented in light-boxes - vertical archives accessible to the visitor on Voyager's exterior.
Different answers offer unexpected and ironic readings of the idea of consumption, associated to glamour or contemporary photographic abstraction.

Cátia Serrão, Daniel Malhão, Heitor Alvelos, Luís de Barros, Maria Bleck Soares.

The outcome of an invitation to produce a visual and sound piece about Lisbon is a video installation specially conceived for Voyager's interior. From the cooperation of a movie director and a musician emerges an impressionist and sensorial work, suggesting a window to a different city.

Rui Gato, Sandro Aguilar.

A parasite attached to Voyager's outer surface, two complementary pieces which develop a conceptual link in different window cases, an abstract video displayed in LCD monitors are the answers from artists invited to reflect upon consumption and notions of scale.

Baltazar Torres, Joana Vasconcelos, Nuno Gonçalves Ferreira, Rui Toscano.

The sound installation on Voyager's exterior constitutes an acoustic halo around the vehicle. The content includes transformed records of sounds captured by Rafael Toral, near the Tagus River and fragments extracted from the other sound interventions ordered for Voyager 03.

Rafael Toral, Ricardo Jacinto, Sam the Kid.

This is music, as it was expected... was composed by Tozé Ferreira in 1987 and is still recognized today as one of the most relevant electronic music pieces produced in Portugal. The outcome is a space/individual cockpit that powers the "consumption" of this piece in a physical and multi-sensorial experience.

Tozé Ferreira, Houselab, Sara Pinto Soares.

Voyager 03's outfit proposal uses design not as consumerism, not as fashion, neither as the ephemeral, but rather as the need of having a durable camouflage. The unisex outfit comes in primary colours and creates an interaction with interior and exterior spaces.

Alexandra Moura.

What does a graphic designer see when he looks at the subject of the Biennale, Beyond Consumption? A group of young graphic designers invited by ExperimentaDesign answered these questions, producing an ingenious and inventive portfolio, which Voyager03 offers its visitors.

Benedita Feijó, Cesária Martins, Nuno Luz, Tiago Machado, João Vasconcelos.

Two Portuguese brands are Voyager03 special guests. The result of the merge of Vista Alegre/Atlantis and its relation with Experimenta at Voyager 01, are presented with their last international industrial design projects. Designwise is a brand carried by Experimenta that launches original objects and products by Portuguese designers.

Alfredo Häberli, Fernando Brízio, Hugo Leão, Miguel Vieira Baptista, Naulila Luís, Nick Holland, Samuel Abcassis, Sebastian Bergne, Tiago da Fonseca, Vasco Ferraz.


BARCELONA    July 03 - 12
Plaza dels Àngels [FAD e MACBA]

  Visitors: 10 600 

PARIS   July 17 - 27
Av. du President Wilson [Museu de Arte Moderna] 

  Visitors: 7 400

MADRID   September 10 - 14
Plaza Santa Isabel [Museu Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia] 


LISBOA   September 17 - November 02
10:30 - 20:30
Praça do Comércio [Ministério das Finanças] 


Pedro Roseta
Portuguese Minister of Culture

Voyager01's success in Lisbon and other European cities left no doubts on the innovative profile and strong commitment to creativity presented by ExperimentaDesign's first editions.
Similar or even greater success is expected for Voyager03, which gathers original projects generated by a great number of Portuguese creators in an avant-garde operation of intense creativity and artistic cross-over.
Portuguese creators are giving a major contribution to national recognition abroad, interacting with foreign cultures.
Focusing on Design as both instrument and process of creation, Voyager03 underlines its cultural status. It strengthens cultural values by searching new forms or contributing to the full development of the human being as a person. Understanding objects around us makes us richer as individuals. It improves our ability to look, evaluate and criticize the world we live in.

Pedro Santana Lopes
Mayor of the City Hall of Lisbon

Lisbon is a natural platform for the encounter of aesthetics and practices. Winds and routes turned it into a crossroad of different worlds. It was forced to set free vision and creativity. It became accustomed to cultural blend. Without any effort.
In 2003 the itinerancy of "Voyager" contributes to the projection of Lisbon in the international circuits of creativity. It restores the image of a city attentive to the design of the useful, and sensitive to the movement of ideas and forms as instruments that exceed themselves.
Experimenta Design 2003, the Lisbon Biennale, raises issues "around the ones who use, consume, and experiment". It sees design as purpose. As service. As intelligence that is useful. Extremely useful.
The City Hall of Lisbon is proud to take part in Voyager - the Portuguese Design Road Show. It assumes it as a strategic stake, one that recognises the role of communication at the service of culture.

//Concept,Artistic Direction, Curatorship: Guta Moura Guedes, Pedro Gadanho, João Paulo Feliciano
//Design: Miguel Vieira Baptista //Design Assistant: Henrique Ralheta
//Building and Assembling Coordinator: Carla Cardoso [EXD] //Engineering Consultant: José Rui Marcelino
//Sound System Consultant: João Moura //Communication Design: RMAC [Ricardo Mealha and Ana Cunha]
//Producer: Patrícia Rolo Duarte [EXD] //Assistant: Rute Arnóbio,Sara Nobre, Tiago Fonseca [EXD]
//Construction - container:Jopal //Construction - interior: Cenycet
//Official Sponsors: Galp Energia, Vista Alegre - Atlantis
//Strategic Partners: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Associação de Turismo de Lisboa //Support: Audiolog