ExperimentaDesign - Bienal de Lisboa is a leading international cultural event devoted to design culture and creativity. The driving force of the Biennale is design. Not specifically industrial design or sound design or graphic design, but design as a multifaceted creative activity. Design as a discipline and a work methodology which, through the analysis of distinct fields such as economy, aesthetics, technology, sociology and sustainability, can produce the most adequate responses to the needs of contemporary society.
Since its first edition in 1999, ExperimentaDesign has been establishing in Lisbon a dynamic cultural platform, committed to fuelling international discussion, stimulating strategic synergies and raising awareness to the importance of design and contemporary cultural production. It is based on a network of partners and co-producers who share common attitudes and perspectives and who seriously believe in the benefits of collaboration.
EXD operates as a catalyst between creative artists and designers, practitioners, academics and all those who view culture and design as key factors for development at all levels, both national and global.

In 2005, EXD will once again take Lisbon by storm with a multidisciplinary programme of events that for 45 days will draw thousands of visitors to several venues across the capital. Guided tours of the exhibitions, specific materials and round-the-clock information will be provided by the Biennale’s Educational Service and Info Centre.