An essay that explores two key aspects: on the one hand, the growing use of methodologies imported from crafts in contemporary design production. On the other hand, the raising number of designers engaged in rendering a dimension of individuality and identity to objects, as a means to distinguish and emancipate them in the face of the anonymity and patterning of industrial and digital production.

Focusing on 21st century production, this exhibition is a joint project between the British Council and EXD05, which brings together works from the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden and Portugal, many of which were made expressly for it.

Estufa Fria
Parque Eduardo VII
1070-099 Lisboa

H September: 9h - 17h30
H October: 9h - 16h30
T +351 213 882 278

1, 2, 12, 20, 31, 38, 41, 46, 49
Marquês de Pombal, Parque, São Sebastião

Tickets for sale at Estufa Fria
Admission: 1,50 €
Cartão Jovem: 0,75 €
> 65 years: 0,75 €
< 12 years: Free admission

Original Concept: Emily Campbell; Guta Moura Guedes; Jaime Hayon; Country Curators: Andreas Nobel [SE]; Andrée Cooke [UK]; Guta Moura Guedes [PT]; Jaime Hayon [ES]; Exhibition Design: Henrique Ralheta; Communication Design: Nuno Luz; Julia Paaß (Experimenta) Participants: PT: Fernando Brízio; Leonor Hipólito; Mário Feliciano; Susana António; SE: Andrea Djerf; Gustaf Nordenskiöld; Kjell Rylander; Lagom Bra; Research & Development; Uglycute; Zandra Ahl; ES: AzúaMoliné; El Ultimo Grito; Hector Serrano Y Victor Viña; Jaime Hayon; Roger Ibars; UK: Alison Willoughby; Committee; Danny Brown; Doshi Levien; Neutral; Peter Traag; WOKmedia; Production: Carla Cardoso (Experimenta); Technical Direction: João Moura (assisted by Ricardo Tabosa); Construção: Certame; A co-production between Experimenta [PT]; British Council [UK]; DDI [ES]; Svenska Institutet [SE]; SvenskForm [SE]; Catalogue: Edition: A Ventura Humana; Design; Musa Worklab; Package Design: Sandra Guerreiro; Original Texts: Emily Campbell; Guta Moura Guedes; Jaime Hayon; Photographs: Luís Campos [PT]; Doshi Levien products photographed by John Moss [UK]; ©Nienke Klunder [NL];