This project seeks to establish a dynamic and fruitful relation between architecture’s academic framework and the contemporary social, cultural and economic contexts.

As a means of stimulating architectural creation and critical discussion, twelve Portuguese architecture ateliers were challenged to build houses that reflect today’s needs and concerns, resorting to new technologies, using recycled materials and factoring in sustainable development.

Cordoaria Nacional
Av. da Índia
1300 Lisboa

H 12h - 19h
(closed on mondays and holidays)

14, 27, 28, 43, 49, 51, 112, E15

Participating Studios: a.s* atelier de santos, Lisboa; S’A arquitectos, Lisboa; Pedro Campos Costa, Lisboa; Atelier do Corvo, Miranda do Corvo; go/a, Lisboa + São Paulo; Nuno Merino Rocha, Porto; B Quadrado, Lisboa; PAHR!, Lisboa; Bernardo Rodrigues, Porto; marcosandmarjan, Londres; AIRRIGHTS, Lisboa + Londres; Pedro Gadanho, Lisboa; Photos: Paulo Mendes; Curatorial Direction: L’Atalante; Exhibition Design: L’Atalante; Production: Bruno Sequeira/Experimenta; In partnership with: Empreendimento Corte Real; Cooperation: Câmara Municipal da Moita;