Creative Macau – Centre for Creative Industries [CN]
Lounging Space
Sep 16 - Oct 30

The proposals from nine young creative artists presented in the exhibition MADE IN MACAU reflect the way of thinking of the Macanese creative community, gathered in Lisbon by Creative Macau – Centre for Creative Industries. If today China is “the factory of the World”, MADE IN MACAU shows that another “industry”, based on creativity, assumes a pivotal role in the development of the Special Administrative Region of Macao.

This territory of 500 000 inhabitants, until 1999 under Portuguese rule, is today a dynamic, multicultural city undergoing a remarkable growth and living between oriental tradition, Portugal’s legacy and China’s “hypermodernity”.

MADE IN MACAU – the Far East’s first presence in EXD – Bienal de Lisboa presents in this exhibition, through projects that range from furniture to textile design, from product design to video installation, nine perspectives of what is observed, thought, created, produced in Macao.

Lounging Space
Palácio de Santa Catarina
Rua de Santa Catarina, nº1
1200-401 Lisboa

H 11h - 22h (Sunday to Thursday)
H 11h - 01h (Friday and Saturday)

15, 100
Elevador da Bica