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Finally, the long awaited Treehouse Hotel in Jardim da Estrela opened its doors to the public on 25 October.


This experimental architecture and design project questions the universal processes of creating cities and architecture vis a vis universal values of human life, making its visitors reflect on urban evolution. In tree houses we find memories, new thoughts and, through our imagination, we place ourselves as observers, outside the world we live in. That is the only way we can be critical and arrive at new levels of discovery and other platforms of understanding.







Go see it - and stay a night if you dare… Visit the Blog for Bookings.


Following the “Gosta de ti” national campaign, where people were encouraged to hand over old and used items in exchange for a can of Coca Cola Light for the purpose of “rejuvenated design products” by established Portuguese designers, a workshop was held on 22 October at the Lounging Space for first year design students.

The Workshop was organised by EXD and coordinated by designers, Hugo Tornelo, Susana Antonio and Pedro Sottomayor. Based on the “Gosta de ti” exhibition at the Lounging Space, 35 students from product design, fashion design, interior design and communication design were invited to work on recycling a range of objects from clothing items to bags and boxes. Items were selected from the impressive “Gosta de ti” country wide collection.




The first part of the workshop was a briefing session of the Coca Cola Light brand and the second part involved the development of the proposals. The importance of design and recycling resonated throughout the workshop session. Notable points for young designers.




Le Coq Tuguese is an exhibition of creative work that aims to promote emergent Portuguese talent and established professionals, establishing a communication platform for the exchange of information and learning experiences. Nutkase, Napron.Love and Caffeine believe in Portuguese art and design. They believe in themselves. With this event, they want to stimulate, acknowledge and support young Portuguese design practitioners.



Nutkase, Napron.Love & Caffeine

Mercado da Ribeira, Av. 24 de Julho, Top Floor

Opening: 30 October, 8pm

Exhibition on until 1 November

Friday: 7pm - 1am, Saturday: 3pm - 1am





Miguel Rios Design at Galeria Filomena Soares on Rua da Manutençao, nø 80 (Xabregas)


The Opening on 29 October starts at 9:30pm

The Exhibition runs until 7 November - Tuesday to Saturday 10am -  8pm


On until 8 November (In)Visible Time at the IPA - Rua da Boavista, 67 - Armazem 3


By Anywhere Door and co-produced by the IPA, this exhibition gathers different Japanese contemporary architecture projects and intends to show the whole process, from the first sketch to the end result. It seeks to demonstrate how an exhibition about architecture can also reflect upon other intrinsically connected themes. (In)Visible Time shows different generations of Japanese architects with different ways of thinking, solving problems and materialising their concepts and ideas. An array of projects that aims at describing forms and ways of experiencing different realities, shining a light on a distant culture.

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The Parallel Event by Pedro Campos Costa + Nuno Louro is on until 31 October at Espaço Avenida, Rua Rosa Araujo - Lisbon.


Duas Linhas (two lines) shows the different ways we inhabit the territory, its imbalances, mythical images, fantasies and desires. We want to make a sensorial portrait of the path, covering 715 kilometers from north to south, in both directions. We show these differences from the perspective of those travelling through the territory, accumulating sensations, images, smells and colours. A route of senses, a journal of architects looking for the territory’s time. This project intends to have a new critical approach to territory planning, through the creation of a document where these impressions will be recorded.



The long awaited Quick Quick Slow publication is now on sale for €25 - find a copy at -

1 - The Exhibition Venue - Berardo Museum in Belem
2 - EXD’09 Exhibition venues
3 - The EXD’09 Lounging Space




Offering an alternative history of graphic design in the 20th and 21st century, the publication is structured around the chronology and theme of the exhibition, with texts by the curator Emily King. It is illustrated with iconic images of Western visual culture, from FT Marinetti and Portugal Futurista magazine, to works that marked the last decades, such as Peter Saville, Paul Elliman, Edward Fella and Irma Boom.

Quick, Quick, Slow is a bespoke publication designed by Frith Kerr (Studio Frith) having created a new font for it, inspired by the graphic representation of movement and the passage of time.




Impress friends at dinner parties with your expert knowledge on design and creativity.

Don’t wander around the fabulous four exhibitions on your own… Get a guide. And tour the exhibition. Smarter!

Guide Group Tour of the Pace of Design Exhibition

Guide Group Tour of the Pace of Design Exhibition


• Bespoke itineraries and guided tours of the exhibitions by experts for adult audiences
• Visits and hands-on activities for youngsters and students
• Creative workshops on weekends for families
• Workshops and special tours for high school and university students
• Themed group discussions

For information on guided tours and bespoke itineraries, please contact EXD:
Tel. +351 915 080 587



EXD’09 invites you to party at the Lounging Space this Saturday night, 24 October from 10pm.

This week DJ Migues Sa will be hitting the decks… so dress up, rock up and shake it.


A great deal going on at the Lounging Space on Saturday and Sunday.

SCREENINGS of the EXD Open Talks & Conferences

Saturday - 17 October ‘09

5pm: Open Talks (EXD09) - PAOLA ANTONELLI

6pm: Conference (EXD’08 Amsterdam) - RENNY RAMMAKERS

7pm: Conference (EXD’09) - IDEO

Sunday - 18 October ‘09

5pm: Open Talks (EXD’08 Amsterdam) - FARID TABARKI

6pm: Conference (EXD’05) - PHILIPPE STARCK

7pm: Conference (EXD’09) - KONSTANTIN GRCIC


Don’t be lost wandering the EXD’09 Exhibitions on your own… Book a professional Guide.

Until 8 November, the Guided Tours to EXD’09 Exhibitions offer Biennale visitors a chance to engage in the content in a meaningful and insightful way. Those people interested in design - across the design spectrum should not miss the opportunity to be “shown around”.

Ideal for locals and tourists - groups and individuals.

Exhibition publications also available at the Exhibition venues.


Action for Age at the Lounging Space

Action for Age at the Lounging Space


SUNDAY - 18 October 2009 - 3-5pm

Lounging Space

The Challenge:

to Design new user-centered, meaningful services or solutions that improve the quality of life of the elderly.

Following an extensive, across the board reflection, Action for Age culminated in a pilot project implemented in Lisbon’s Graça borough, on September 2009. In light of this background of study and development, the current debate gives the public at large the opportunity to acquaint itself with the experiences and views that afford an in-depth look at the issues and concerns that surround the aging population. The session will begin with a general introduction followed by the brief presentation of the proposals by the Portuguese students. An informal discussion will take place next, addressing the scope and potential of service design in devising strategies and responses for the needs and expectations of senior citizens.

Ana Fatia, Ana Relvão, Anjoom Satar, Gonçalo Gomes, João Santos, Ricardo Roque (participating Portuguese students)
Ana Coimbra (psychologist)
Emília de Noronha (Head of the University for the Elderly)
Emília Milhano (Head of the Lisbon Social Security Nursing Home)
Maria Machado (researcher in the field of physical activity for the elderly)
Marta Leitão (Activities coordinator, Domus Vida project)
Rita Filipe (Portuguese coordinator, Action for Age)
Susana António (designer)

In addition to the debate, the Portuguese proposals for the Special Project are also featured in the exhibition Action for Age, at the Lounging Space until 8 November.



The winners of the International Competition for Ideas for a New Cycling Bridge in Lisbon were announced last night at the Lounging Space.

1st Prize - Telmo Cruz + Maximina Almeida (PT)

2nd Prize - Moxon Architects Limited (GB)

3rd Prize - Impromptu Arquitectos + Selahattin Tuysuz Architecture (PT)

Honourable Mention Studio Kawamuka Ganjavian (SP)

Honourable Mention Atelier do Cardoso (SP)

Special Mention Tiago Barros (PT)

The Competition drew an impressive 62 submissions from 14 countries including Portugal, Brazil, India, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, the United States, Tunisia, China, Spain, Jordan, Israel and Bangladesh.

Telmo Cruz + Maximina Almeida from Portugal will receive a cash prize of €10,000 and as well as the possibility to realise their project for the city of Lisbon with the Galp Energy Foundation.


This weekend is dedicated to Architecture and EXD’09 has an amazing programme planned for all architects, engineers and interested folks.

LECTURE by UK based Architect Amanda Levete (ex-Future Systems) and Specialist Engineer António Adão da Fonseca


VENUE: TEATRO CAMÕES (entrance is free and subject to room capacity)

TIME: 17:00 - 19:00


The Multipurpose Room of the Lounging Space will include a special programme of screenings of Lisbon and Amsterdam Conferences of past editions, dedicated to architecture.

3 October

13:00 Massimiliano Fuksas (EXD’05)

14:00 Eduardo Souto Moura (EXD’05)

15:00 Julien de Smedt (EXD’09)

4 October

17:00 OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture (EXD’08 Amsterdam)

18:00 Alvaro Siza Vieira (EXD’08 Amsterdam)

19:00 Alejandro Aravena (EXD’09)


The winners and shortlist of the International Competition for Ideas for a new Cycling Bridge in Lisbon will be announced and exhibited on Sunday, 4 October

VENUE: Lounging Space - Palacio Braamcamp

TIME: 22:00

for details CLICK HERE