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This weekend is dedicated to Architecture and EXD’09 has an amazing programme planned for all architects, engineers and interested folks.

LECTURE by UK based Architect Amanda Levete (ex-Future Systems) and Specialist Engineer António Adão da Fonseca


VENUE: TEATRO CAMÕES (entrance is free and subject to room capacity)

TIME: 17:00 - 19:00


The Multipurpose Room of the Lounging Space will include a special programme of screenings of Lisbon and Amsterdam Conferences of past editions, dedicated to architecture.

3 October

13:00 Massimiliano Fuksas (EXD’05)

14:00 Eduardo Souto Moura (EXD’05)

15:00 Julien de Smedt (EXD’09)

4 October

17:00 OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture (EXD’08 Amsterdam)

18:00 Alvaro Siza Vieira (EXD’08 Amsterdam)

19:00 Alejandro Aravena (EXD’09)


The winners and shortlist of the International Competition for Ideas for a new Cycling Bridge in Lisbon will be announced and exhibited on Sunday, 4 October

VENUE: Lounging Space - Palacio Braamcamp

TIME: 22:00

for details CLICK HERE