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The winners of the International Competition for Ideas for a New Cycling Bridge in Lisbon were announced last night at the Lounging Space.

1st Prize - Telmo Cruz + Maximina Almeida (PT)

2nd Prize - Moxon Architects Limited (GB)

3rd Prize - Impromptu Arquitectos + Selahattin Tuysuz Architecture (PT)

Honourable Mention Studio Kawamuka Ganjavian (SP)

Honourable Mention Atelier do Cardoso (SP)

Special Mention Tiago Barros (PT)

The Competition drew an impressive 62 submissions from 14 countries including Portugal, Brazil, India, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, the United States, Tunisia, China, Spain, Jordan, Israel and Bangladesh.

Telmo Cruz + Maximina Almeida from Portugal will receive a cash prize of €10,000 and as well as the possibility to realise their project for the city of Lisbon with the Galp Energy Foundation.