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The long awaited Quick Quick Slow publication is now on sale for €25 - find a copy at -

1 - The Exhibition Venue - Berardo Museum in Belem
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3 - The EXD’09 Lounging Space




Offering an alternative history of graphic design in the 20th and 21st century, the publication is structured around the chronology and theme of the exhibition, with texts by the curator Emily King. It is illustrated with iconic images of Western visual culture, from FT Marinetti and Portugal Futurista magazine, to works that marked the last decades, such as Peter Saville, Paul Elliman, Edward Fella and Irma Boom.

Quick, Quick, Slow is a bespoke publication designed by Frith Kerr (Studio Frith) having created a new font for it, inspired by the graphic representation of movement and the passage of time.




Impress friends at dinner parties with your expert knowledge on design and creativity.

Don’t wander around the fabulous four exhibitions on your own… Get a guide. And tour the exhibition. Smarter!

Guide Group Tour of the Pace of Design Exhibition

Guide Group Tour of the Pace of Design Exhibition


• Bespoke itineraries and guided tours of the exhibitions by experts for adult audiences
• Visits and hands-on activities for youngsters and students
• Creative workshops on weekends for families
• Workshops and special tours for high school and university students
• Themed group discussions

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