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On until 8 November (In)Visible Time at the IPA - Rua da Boavista, 67 - Armazem 3


By Anywhere Door and co-produced by the IPA, this exhibition gathers different Japanese contemporary architecture projects and intends to show the whole process, from the first sketch to the end result. It seeks to demonstrate how an exhibition about architecture can also reflect upon other intrinsically connected themes. (In)Visible Time shows different generations of Japanese architects with different ways of thinking, solving problems and materialising their concepts and ideas. An array of projects that aims at describing forms and ways of experiencing different realities, shining a light on a distant culture.

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The Parallel Event by Pedro Campos Costa + Nuno Louro is on until 31 October at Espa├žo Avenida, Rua Rosa Araujo - Lisbon.


Duas Linhas (two lines) shows the different ways we inhabit the territory, its imbalances, mythical images, fantasies and desires. We want to make a sensorial portrait of the path, covering 715 kilometers from north to south, in both directions. We show these differences from the perspective of those travelling through the territory, accumulating sensations, images, smells and colours. A route of senses, a journal of architects looking for the territory’s time. This project intends to have a new critical approach to territory planning, through the creation of a document where these impressions will be recorded.