From North to South America / leaving San Francisco and arriving in Sao Paolo

How do I sum up my visit in San Francisco? Tuesday was different from monday, so how would wednesday have been and how will friday be? Maybe I should reschedule my whole trip and always visit the studios monday and friday?  :-)
To be on the Lunar moon was special - and at the same time it was so clear, that I was in the USA. In the meantime I changed the place to be for some place  more on the southern hemisphere. After a dreadful flight with United (like with airports, luckily this is not a comment on airlines…) we arrived in Sao Paolo. Another sainted city, I realized, while writing the titel. San Francisco and Sao Paolo! There is no Heiliges Wien….

Post Street early evening of the 24th

We went straight to the office of Fernando and Humberto Campana and got happily lost there. This place, hid behind a simple garage door, ist peaceful and happy, concentrated but still relaxed.

almost the entrance

You hear birds and good music, people talking and laughing, hammering and (can’t hear it) sewing…. it is a peaceful place with a lovely court and a loving heart. The office space, built two years ago, is simple, decent even humble, I would say, but it is a great place to be. Yes, there is a upper floor and a lower floor, design/ admin and craft, but that doesn’t mean that there is any kind of evaluation between the two.

office entrance Campana brothers

You can see the entrance above, more after tomorrow  Tulga