Time in Brazil

In the meantime we spent our second day at the studio of Fernando and Humberto Campana. Here are some images of our ways through the city the night of the 26th and the day of the 27th - only a fraction of what this city is about!





From the loud and noisy city retreat back to the peaceful place in Rua Barao de Tatui.




We arrived quite early in the morning, some people were in the office already, like Cristina the secretary and the guys of the workshop. I feel embarrassed because I can’t spell or even less pronounce their names. Humberto came around 9.00 and after taking a joint walk in the neighbourhood, we had a long conversation about time. The interview with Humberton ( later I spoke to Fernando as well) will be in the exhibition, so I wont get into details, but while writing I am just realizing, that this blog helps me to sort my thoughts. Humberto for example would talk about the importance, that each project get’s the time it need’s to develop, or Fernando would talk about the right time for certain projects. Both of them talked about chaos and efficiency in a very interesting way. They embrace chaos and still they are very organized. And they love their country, I wasn’t aware that they really want to give Brazil a new position just as much as they have this need and wonderful creativity to express themselves. They both know how much there is to discover here. Humberto suggested, that Guta should rather do an Experimenta here in Sao Paolo then in Amsterdam! I agree and would volunteer to be part of that adventure.


Actually the studio of the Campanas is really near to a beautiful residential area with a lot of modernist buildings, so no, they are not in some kind of favelas!


These public phones have a wonderful name which means something like little ear! And that is what they are.



I think I was very lucky, because I met them in a very peaceful moment, working in the studio on their very own pace, with a couple of meetings in the city, but not much. Humberto was making sketches and drawings and once in a while he likes to go down to the workshop and work with his hands, while Fernando has different methods of expressing his ideas, maybe faster, only that is no category. Right now he is working on lovely collages.

After having a delicious lunch with the two, and after talking to Fernando as well, they both left for the weekend.

Eva and I stayed in the office, with became more and more quiet, people leaving one after the other - depending on when they started they left between 5.30 and 7.00 or even later. And before they left, they had a great little snack chat time downstairs. Then the big garage door downstairs was closed, the interns left, it gets dark early.

In the end it was Leo and Lelia left, when Eduardo took us to our hotel around 7.30.

What probably struck me most is, that the brothers have set up a very organized structure with great young people working for them, dedicated to them and at the same time free to work in their own pace. The brothers trust their team and I think they did a great job, because this team gives them the freedom to move in their own pace as much as they can.


part of the team: Diogo, Leo, Lelia, Eduardo (from l to r)

The place is simple but beautiful, because everybody really cares about the studio and about each other. Sorry for sounding like a silly sentimental Hippie but that is what you walk away with!

looking out into the patio

looking out into the patio

Later we had another great evening in the city with Lelia and Leo taking us out and today we are of to Cape Town, meeting Martin Haldane.