Speed Limits

While Tulga is heading further East, I’m going North.
I’m taking the Adirondack train from New York to Montreal, which covers the 613km that separate the two cities in just over 10h. A high-speed train it is not, but this is the United States and the Obama Administration’s rail stimulus package is just getting started.

I’m going to Montreal next week not only for the scenic journey along the Hudson Valley, or to discover North America’s most European city, but to attend the opening of the “Speed Limits” exhibition, which takes place on May 19th at the CCA - Canadian Centre for Architecture.

I heard about “Speed Limits” from Cathy Leff, director of the Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach, who was a guest speaker in one of our D-crit classes this semester. The Wolfsonian co-organised the exhibition with CCA in Montreal, and will be hosting it in 2010.

According to CCA, this exhibition, curated by Jeffrey T. Schnapp (Stanford Humanities Lab), “addresses the pivotal role played by speed in modern life: from art to architecture and urbanism to graphics and design to economics to the material culture of the eras of industry and information. It also marks the centenary of the foundation of the Italian Futurist movement”.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what seems like a scholarly, historical approach to our overarching topic of discovery and discussion.