Build up: Lapse in Time

With only a week to go.. things are hotting up here at the EXD HQ as well as the venues of all EXD Exhibitions. In the Build Up Series - you will see the progression of each Exhibition. Here is Lapse in Time. Photographs courtesy of Production Manager - Celia Costa.





VENUE info:
The Sociedade Nacional de Belas-Artes (SNBA) was founded in 1901 with the goal of promoting the development of the arts and of national artists. Designed from scratch for the SNBA, the centenary headquarters’ building is a privileged space for artistic venues, one of the main guidelines of the SNBA’s mission. In 1965 the SNBA established the first Design course in Portugal. At the headquarters, alongside the teaching of artistic subjects, the Sociedade has also held several activities: exhibitions, lectures, conferences and the educational encouragement through art. It integrates a specialised library for researchers and students, which comprises a catalogue archive dated from the end of the 19th century and includes editions of the SNBA. These cover varied genres such as watercolor, photography (the first exhibitions in Portugal were organised by SNBA), as well as caricature and humoristic drawing.