Time to take Action.

Action for Age at the Lounging Space

Action for Age at the Lounging Space


SUNDAY - 18 October 2009 - 3-5pm

Lounging Space

The Challenge:

to Design new user-centered, meaningful services or solutions that improve the quality of life of the elderly.

Following an extensive, across the board reflection, Action for Age culminated in a pilot project implemented in Lisbon’s Graça borough, on September 2009. In light of this background of study and development, the current debate gives the public at large the opportunity to acquaint itself with the experiences and views that afford an in-depth look at the issues and concerns that surround the aging population. The session will begin with a general introduction followed by the brief presentation of the proposals by the Portuguese students. An informal discussion will take place next, addressing the scope and potential of service design in devising strategies and responses for the needs and expectations of senior citizens.

Ana Fatia, Ana Relvão, Anjoom Satar, Gonçalo Gomes, João Santos, Ricardo Roque (participating Portuguese students)
Ana Coimbra (psychologist)
Emília de Noronha (Head of the University for the Elderly)
Emília Milhano (Head of the Lisbon Social Security Nursing Home)
Maria Machado (researcher in the field of physical activity for the elderly)
Marta Leitão (Activities coordinator, Domus Vida project)
Rita Filipe (Portuguese coordinator, Action for Age)
Susana António (designer)

In addition to the debate, the Portuguese proposals for the Special Project are also featured in the exhibition Action for Age, at the Lounging Space until 8 November.