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Saturday saw the conclusion of an enlightening Workshop week in Lisbon for Action for Age - an RSA Design Directions initiative and EXD Special project.

Under the the supervision of two Portuguese designers, Susana Antonio and Rita Filipe, six students took part in an intense 6-day workshop at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

As part of the workshop, students had visited nursing homes, elderly care centres and healthcare centres - awarding them the opportunity to interview people. Herewith some feedback from the fieldtrip:


Lisbon Social Support Centre

“It is important that people have the ability to choose.”

“The need for attention, conversation and communication in everything.”

“The lack of memories for people with Alzheimers. How can we create moments of happiness?”

“Older people that love life are happy”


75 year old Mr. Carlos at his tailor shop in Alfama

“Expensive private care homes may have everything, but residents in public homes have community, emotion and integration.”

“Communities that mix old people with different needs are good.”

“Older people love to connect with younger people”

“We visited a public care home that engages with residents to help sustain the workings of the home.”

“People in social care homes miss their homes and don’t want to be where they are.”

“They struggel to identify with other people therefore isolate themselves.”

“Some people are unhappy as they unable to travel, even though they love to.”


Action for Age participants visit Mr. José Alves at his store

“People work - ‘to be active’, ‘to be proud of their past’ ‘to have stories in their life’ ‘to be independent’

“How can we use the expertise and wisdom of older people to share skills.”

“The Action for Age workshop is discovering the diversity of elderly Portuguese people.”

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