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Emily King and Frith Kerr visited Lisbon last week for meetings with EXD and the Berardo Museum for the Exhibition Quick Quick Slow…

Emily King & Frith Kerr at the Berardo Museum in Lisbon

Emily King & Frith Kerr at the Berardo Museum in Lisbon

Emily :

I have had a great time in Lisbon, both working with the Experimenta team and making new friends from the art and design communities. There have been lots of nice relaxed meals and drinks around Barrio Alto, and we hope for lots more!

In terms of working for the Museum, it has been exciting to operate at the scale allowed by their enormous galleries. I was inspired by the sweep of rooms I was shown at the first meeting to embark on constructing a substantial history of graphic design. Also, it is a fabulous opportunity to  partner with an institution that is able to negotiate loans of important historic material, Futurist typography, Dada journals and so on, from museums like the Pompidou and the Wolfsonian. I have never been able to function on this kind of physical and historical scale before, and, while it is a little daunting, it is also a fantastic opportunity.