EXD'09 Editions


Offering an alternative history of graphic design in the 20th and 21st century, the publication is structured around the theme and chronological nucleuses of the exhibition, with texts by the curator Emily King. It is illustrated with iconic images of Western visual culture, from FT Marinetti and Portugal Futurista magazine, to work that marked the last decades, such as Peter Saville, Irma Boom, Edward Fella and Paul Elliman.

The publication Quick, Quick, Slow is a unique graphic work designed by Frith Kerr (Studio Frith) for which a new font was crated, inspired by the graphic representation of movement and the passage of time.


Following the curator Hans Maier-Aichen’s authorship’s logic, the publication Lapse in Time represents a complement to the exhibition contents. With a poetic approach designed by Piero Glina and Daniel Schludi, it combines seductive black & white images that reveal the less obvious details of the exhibition. With photos of Lisbon today, it integrates texts that illustrate conceptual statements of the participants. Eighteen challenging designers from around the world present their latest works, which expand and blur the traditional boundaries of product design, taking it to the limit of art, science, sustainability, ecology and socio-cultural referent.

Free entry to the exhibition to those who buy the publication.
publicações —
The programme of EXD'09 is anchored in 4 exhibitions, which present innovative and highly relevant contents and curatorial perspectives for a meticulous and contextualized view of contemporary design in its various forms.

Standing as a complement to the exhibitions and as an extension of its content in time, the publications edited by EXD'09 in partnership with Guimarães Editores are on sale at the several exhibition spaces, the Lounging Space and in Guimarães’ bookstores (Chiado, Campo Grande and at Biblioteca Nacional).



Against the backdrop of crisis which contemporary society faces, it's time to take up "less" as a positive value rather than a mere restriction. This publication is divided into 4 sections which correspond to the participating countries: South Africa, India, Portugal and the United Kingdom, framed by the input of their curators. Timeless publication explores the proposals of creators that respond to the challenge of creating new concepts and objects for the 21st century by means of economically viable and sustainable design strategies.

Reflecting global concerns such as saving energy resources and raw materials, recycling and building new platforms to reduce consumption by consumption, the items shown also focus local issues, and different cultural realities and materials.


From the observation of everyday life of 7 major international studios, Pace of Design aims to analyse the connection between time, projectual process, intensity and creativity. To understand the pace of creation, development and production of every studio, Austrian curator Tulga Beyerle interviewed Konstantin Grcic (KGID, Munich), Aditya Dev Sood (CKS - Center for Knowledge Societies, New Delhi), John Edson (Lunar Design, San Francisco), Haldane Martin (Cape Town), Michael Young (Hong Kong), Ichiro Iwasaki (Iwasaki Design, Tokyo), Fernando and Humberto Campana (Campana Studio, Sao Paulo).

Every interview included in this publication shares the daily inspirations and challenges and reveals different perspectives about methods, processes and work cycles in a given city and culture.

Free entry to the exhibition to those who buy the publication.



With the slogan New, Now, Wow, use the EXD’09 t-shirt.
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it’s about time —
Inspired by the image designed by Ian Anderson, EXD’09 launches a series of unique and versatile pieces that reveal the spirit of the biennale and of It’s About Time on daily lives.



The It’s About Time badge is sold together with the t-shirt or bag or individually.


Made by the famous and century-old Portuguese brand Viarco, EXD’09 launches a special edition in graphite, pink and orange versions.



Designed by Peter Bil'ak, a participant of the Quick, Quick Slow exhibition , this unique calendar is published in a limited edition of 200 copies.


Serrote was invited to create an exclusive work for this year’s edition and they proposed a print of 1024 unique copies, on sale at different locations of the Biennale, including the Lounging bookstore.