About EXD
ExperimentaDesign is an international Biennale dedicated to design, architecture and creativity. Positioning itself as a forward-thinking, dynamic platform, EXD fosters and analyses contemporary culture through discussion and reflection. It is a springboard for up-and-coming talent and experimentation in disciplines across the creative spectrum, showcasing original projects and ideas in different formats, from exhibitions to urban interventions, debates and lectures. With a focus on people and ideas, the Biennale’s programme is designed to provide insight and incentive both to a specialized audience and the public at large, disseminating information and fuelling debate. EXD programs possibilities, crosses paths, questions and experiments, challenging participants and audience.

Taking place in Lisbon (since 1999) and Amsterdam (since 2008) with different programmes in alternating years, the Biennale engages a worldwide network of agents in various fields, promoting innovation and creativity as driving forces for sustainable development at all levels. For its 10th anniversary edition, EXD introduced the Warm-Up, a curtain raiser that launched the theme a year in advance with a major exhibition and lecture by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. Themed “It’s About Time”, EXD’09 looks at time as material, resource and challenge: time to take action, time to collaborate, time to make, time to reflect.
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2009 strategic aims —
01.  To focus on innovation and excellence in the Biennale’s programme, bringing economic agents and creative practitioners closer;
02.  To invest strongly in the Biennale’s core programme events, with a view to consolidating its international standing in the field of design and architecture;
03.  To strengthen and expand the network of international collaborations;
04.  To develop projects on local (Lisbon), national (Portugal) and transnational issues;
05.  To widen the Education Service’s scope of action by diversifying its activities;
06.  To take on a proactive role championing social cohesion and responsibility;
07.  To give priority to the production of audio-visual materials especially for broadcasting and web, in tandem publishing catalogues;
08.  To introduce the Warm-Up, a curtain raiser launches the Biennale one year in advance, which potentiates its impact with both the audience and the media;
09.  To build a legacy for the city of Lisbon, its dwellers and Portugal.