Quick, Quick, Slow
Word, Image and Time
This exhibition surveys the dimension of time in graphic design, looking as far back as the early 20th century and tracing the mutual influences and exchanges between motion graphics and print. It will explore the way designers have evoked motion and represented the passage of time in still graphics, from the “dynamic look” and early modern typographic experiments to animated type and line images developed for film and advertising.

In motion graphics, the exhibition will follow the abstract exercises of pioneering modern filmmakers, as they progress into cinema title sequences and graphic animations for music videos and tv. Finally, Quick, Quick, Slow brings us up to date with a look at the advent of the personal computer and beyond, exploring websites, games and interactive environments and highlighting the intelligent and eloquent ways designers have found to fill temporal space.

Combining a wealth of exceptional graphic pieces with large-screen video projections and specially commissioned digital pieces, Quick, Quick, Slow proposes an alternative history of graphic design in connection with time and notions of motion, acceleration and temporal progression.

PHOTO: Quick, Quick, Slow

PHOTO: Quick, Quick, Slow

PHOTO: Quick, Quick, Slow

PHOTO: Quick, Quick, Slow

11.09.09 - 03.01.10
10:00-19:00 SUN-FRI
10:00-22:00 SAT

Free admission

Museu Colecção Berardo
Praça do Império
1449-003 Lisboa

T +351 213 612 918

Bus: 14, 27, 28, 29, 43, 49, 51, 73, 112
Tram: 15, 17
Train: Belém

exhibition —
Curator: Emily King (GB)
Exhibition design : Maria João
Mântua (PT)
Graphic design: Frith Kerr (GB)

participants —
David Reinfurt (US)
Jürg Lehni (CH)
Luna Maurer + Jonathan Puckey (NL)
Peter Bil'ak (NL)

represented creatives —
Alexander Rodchenko + Varvara Stepanova (RU); Alexey Brodovitch (RU); Armand Mevis & Linda Van Deursen (NL); Beat Müller + Wendelin Hess (CH); Ben Rubin (US); Blip Boutique (US); Bruce Mau (CA); Chermayeff & Geismar (GB); Chris Ware (US); Contemporânea (PT); Cyan (DE); Dieter Rot (DE); Dom Sylvester Houédard (GB); Ed Fella (US); Ed Ruscha (US); Edward R. Tufte (US); El Lissitzky (RU); Emigre (US); Francesco Cangiullo (IT); Francis Picabia (FR); François Truffaut (FR); FT Marinetti (IT); Fuel (GB); George Brecht (US); Graphic Thought Facility (GB); Hans Richter (DE); Harper’s Bazaar (US); Irma Boom (NL); Jan Tschichold (DE); John Maeda (US); Jonathan Barnbrook (GB); Josef Müller-Brockmann (CH); Julia Born + Alexandra Bachzetsis (NL); Julia Born + Daria Holme (NL); Karel Teige (CZ); Korner Union (CH); Kuntzel + Deygas (FR); Kurt Schwitters (DE); Kyle Cooper (US); László Moholy-Nagy (HU); MA (AT); Marjane Satrapi (IR); Marshall McLuhan + Quentin Fiore (US); Mary Ellen Bute (US); Max Bill (CH); Max Huber (CH); M/M (FR); Michel Gondry (FR); Mike Mills (US); Muriel Cooper + David Small (US); Oona Culley (GB); Oskar Fischinger (DE); Pablo Ferro (CU); Paul Elliman (GB); Peter Saville (GB); Piet Zwart (NL); Portugal Futurista (PT); Portugal 1934, SPN (PT); Raoul Hausmann (AT); Richard Eckersley (GB); Richard Hollis (GB); Richard O. Fleischer (US); Robert Brownjohn (GB); Robert Frank (CH); Saul Bass (US); Sol LeWitt (US); Spirale (CH); Theo van Doesburg (NL); Typographica (GB); Tristan Tzara (RO); Viking Eggeling (CH); Walter Rutmann (DE)

co-production —
Museu Colecção Berardo