Jardim de Santos
A garden for the 21st century
Linked with the concept “It’s About Time…” to promote a legacy for the city, in 2009 ExperimentaDesign is developing a complete rehabilitation project in close collaboration with the Lisbon City Hall. Jardim de Santos, a small garden in a bustling city district, is the object of a major, design-driven urban intervention that aims to fully realize the site’s untapped potential. Conceived by a team of Portuguese creatives, the intervention features user-centered, integrated strategies and solutions in Landscape will be the object of a complete urban restructuring Intervention, including Landscape Architecture, New Urban Equipment Design, Light Design and a totally new system of communication design and signage, in a straight articulation with the Lisbon City Hall.

The main objective of the urban intervention on Santos Garden is the requalification of the area in a perspective of integration with its close environment, but also with the remaining cityscape, using design as the operative discipline for strategic development.

The intervention will rebuild a green area in the Portuguese capital, which is presently dysfunctional. Geared towards the creation of a contemporary, cosmopolitan and creative area, the intervention will link green areas with architecture and contemporary design, opening the garden to new possibilities of enjoyment with a sound potential for interactive dynamics. This project should sustainably contribute to the development of the Santos area and become a text-book example of the impact of design on public space. Reconfigured and attuned to today’s changing lifestyles, Jardim de Santos will become a valuable public space and an added value for the city’s social, economic and cultural dynamics.


10.09.09 - 08.11.09

Largo de Santos
1200-808 Lisboa

Metro: Cais do Sodré
Bus: 6, 727, 60, 104, E15, E25, E28
Train: Santos

curator —

participants —
António Silveira Gomes (PT)
Fernando Brízio (PT)
João Gomes da Silva (PT)
José Álvaro Correia (PT)
Pedrita (PT)
Rui Gato (PT)