Time Sequences
Stories for a Near Future
What’s a story? How can one define the fascination in which these narrative fictions involve us? And what’s time? And what’s time within and outside the narrative path?

Time Sequences – Stories for a Near Future is a declamation of small narratives about time and its passages, crossing distinct presentation formats (video projection, real-time drawing and a musical component) through readings led by a small group of actors.

This project is an original idea by Nuno Artur Silva, with image and real-time drawing by António Jorge Gonçalves and music by Armando Teixeira. Performed by Marco d’Almeida, Sandra Celas and Rui Morrison.

PHOTO: Time Sequences

PHOTO: Time Sequences

PHOTO: Time Sequences
18, 19, 25 & 26 SEPT

Museu da Electricidade
Avenida de Brasília, Central Tejo
1300-598 Lisboa

T +351 210 028 130

idea and text —
Nuno Artur Silva (PT)

images and real-time drawing —
António Jorge Gonçalves (PT)

music and soundtrack —
Armando Teixeira (PT)

actors —
Marco d’Almeida (PT)
Sandra Celas (PT)
Rui Morrison (PT)

video —

co-production —
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