Efeito D
A new DNA for design
The name comes from the word “defeito” that in Portuguese means “defect”. By virtue of a subtle change – of attitude – a perceived defect or flaw can be transformed into a special feature, an effect. D stands for Design or Distinction, something that sets apart and characterizes.

Efeito D stems from a desire to contribute to Diferenças, a Centre for Child Development specializing in children with disabilities, chiefly those with Down syndrome. Based in Portugal, it is one of the most advanced centers of its kind in Europe, helping thousands of children.

To fundraise for Diferenças, the communication agency BBDO Portugal initiated Efeito D, challenging Portuguese designers to create new products that are themselves slightly different in their design or concept. BBDO Portugal came to discuss the idea and EXD proposed joining this adventure, curating and organizing the international section of the project. A host of design stars will be invited to create an object or piece with this briefing in mind. In September 2009, the Biennale will showcase the proposals of the international guest designers in a showcase of sketches, drawings, 3-D projects and prototypes.

The final goal of Efeito D is to assemble a line of unique design products for sale in Portugal and abroad. The proceeds will benefit Diferenças centre and activities, while also raising awareness and calling upon a concerted effort on behalf of society in the issues of education, integration and support of children and youngsters with disabilities.

13.09.09 - 09.10.09
10:00-18:00 TUE-SUN

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Avenida de Berna 45A
1067-001 Lisboa

T +351 217 823 000

Metro: S. Sebastião, Praça de Espanha
Bus: 16, 726, 56, 718, 742

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exhibition —
Exhibition design: Miguel Vieira
Baptista (PT)
Graphic design: RMAC (PT)

participants —
Alexandre Viana (PT)
Clemens Weisshaar (DE)
Ed Annink (NL)
Fernando Brízio (PT)
Henrique Ralheta (PT)
Marti Guixé (ES)
Mats Theselius (SE)
Naulila Luís (PT)
Pedro Silva Dias (PT)
Richard Hutten (NL)
Robert Stadler (FR)
Ross Lovegrove (GB)
Rui Sampaio de Faria (PT)
Satyendra Pakhalé (NL)
Studio Makkink & Bey (NL)
Uwe Fischer (DE)
Vogt+Weizenegger (DE)

An initiative of BBDO Portugal, co-produced with EXD’09