Parallel Events
Triggering synergies on an open platform, EXD welcomes a number of independent projects, which, by virtue of their conceptual field, relevance and innovation, fit into its theme and disciplinary spectrum. Selected by the Biennale’s artistic direction and hosted in a number of venues throughout Lisbon, the Parallel Events attest to Portugal’s vitality as an exciting creative hub, abuzz with innovative practitioners and disciplinary intersections.

This year, under the theme “It’s About Time”, EXD’09 will feature an unprecedented 59 Parallel Events covering fields of architecture, product design, communication design, urbanism, visual arts, interactive design, fashion and jewellery. The 59, predominantly Portuguese, Parallel Events are a clear indication that the participation from the local creative community is on a noteworthy upward trajectory (11 in 1999 and 30 in 2005). Designers recognise EXD as a respected creative platform and springboard for their ideas and projects and with international reach.

Taking place across Lisbon in galleries, museums, hotels, gardens and even the metro Stations, the events form a design trail across the city. From September to November visitors will encounter an EXD’09 Parallel Event at every turn.

Admission to all events is free of charge.
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Parallel Events - Openings