Desenhos do Demo © júlio dolbeth
Desenhos do Demo
Júlio Dolbeth
Desenhos do Demo revisits the visual and narrative imagery of typical Portuguese figurative handicrafts, particularly from the region of Galegos in the municipality of Barcelos.

The clinch of the title articulates the Portuguese word DEMO, which refers to demonstration as well as the devil. The drawings articulate references to subjects addressed by Portuguese craftsmen such as Rosa Ramalho, Julia Côta, Mistério, Maria Sineta, or Ana Baraça, especially from the north of Portugal. All this imagery, rich in its figurative and metaphorical approach, is filtered through my visual expression as an illustrator, by standardizing the contexts and representations associated with Portuguese arts and crafts, between the secular and religious, the feasts and rituals, the pagan and mythological. At the exhibition Desenhos do Demo there will be ghostly figures, animals, ritual masks, snakes and lizards.

The drawings arise by contamination of references rooted in popular and folk, by an interpretive approach forcing the barriers between the traditional and the contemporary.

The ritualistic approach, set between the profane and the sacred, common in popular Portuguese tradition, is interpreted in a number of drawings that carry symbolic stories related to popular culture. The drawings are interpretative and carry in them the mystery of multiple narrative legends, in this particular case fictional and invented by me.
17 NOV — 21 DEC

Matéria Prima
Rua da Rosa 197
1200-223 Lisboa
16 NOV / 16:00