Visitas Orientadas
Visitas Orientadas
Visitas Orientadas
Strengthening the cultural dissemination of the Biennale EXD'13 within the community, the Education Service assumes a mediating role between the public and its contents. As an intermediary for the theme NO BORDERS, the Education Service promotes the contextualization and interpretation of the exhibited contents, along with the creation of a continuous dialogue. It serves as an experiment lab that seeks to deepen knowledge, creating different activities adapted to a diverse range of publics, where discussion, reflection and creativity are the fundamental starting points.

The mission of experimentadesign’s Education Service is to supply the public with experiences of mediation with the proliferation of contents in the areas of design, architecture and project culture, that go beyond communication and that promote the construction of knowledge and thought.

Particularly directed towards the student audience, EXD organizes guided tours and workshops, articulated by specialized monitors that provide valuable experiences that are centred on the fundamental concepts, helping the visitors to contextualize, interpret and relate to the contents displayed.

This service also broadens its reach to adult audiences, with the objective of provoking interest in design, architecture and contemporary creative practices, highlighting its educational potential. Thus, the Education Service means to update and stimulate the skills of the active population, reaching audiences outside the field of design.

The Education Service is also committed to stimulating creativity and awareness of the field of design, art and architecture for children, through a programme of activities that is ideal for families.
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