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The City of Amsterdam has brought the ExperimentaDesign Biennale to the Netherlands because of this event’s conceptual approach to the concept of design. The ExperimentaDesign Biennale is also a major international authority that offers an invaluable contribution to regional developments within this sector. In addition to three exhibitions, the programme has attracted a choice selection of international design celebrities to Amsterdam.

In recent years the city of Amsterdam has played an increasingly prominent role in the field of design. Designers and other creative talents are drawn to the city because of its open character, diversity and small scale. Amsterdam is an attractive location for companies active in the design, new media, gaming, architecture, fashion and advertising sectors. Up until now, however, the city has lacked an event that allows it to influence design thinking on an international level. The Biennale will be the highlight of a city that already boasts designers such as Droog and Moooi.

Carolien Gehrels, Alderwoman for Culture of the City of Amsterdam: “We are delighted that ExperimentaDesign has come to Amsterdam. The Biennale and the city of Amsterdam are an ideal match. They both offer room to experiment and express creativity, and stimulate interaction with the surroundings.”


The City of Lisbon is proud to continue its support to the Biennale ExperimentaDesign and very enthusiastic about the partnership with Amsterdam.

ExperimentaDesign proved it was able to build up in Lisbon an international platform devoted to discuss design and architecture and to share information with a very exciting and dynamic audience. The Biennale's cultural perspective really brought something new to the international design scene and it manages to change Lisbon's landscape each time it happens.

Design is becoming more and more a fundamental tool for the 21st century and Lisbon is definitely investing in this field. More and more the quality of citizens life is connected with the quality of design and architecture of their cities and countries. ExperimentaDesign brings expertise and debate, promotes design culture and celebrates Lisbon and Amsterdam as cities devoted to innovation and creativity.