Cycling Bridge
On October 4, the jury of the competition, constituted by: architect Amanda Levete (Chairperson of the Jury); Jorge Bonito (in representation of the Portuguese Professional Association Architects); Professor Fernando Branco (in representation of the Portuguese Professional Association of Engineers); engineer Paulo Costa (Fundação Galp Energia); Guta Moura Guedes (Director of EXD’09); Maria João Jesus, (architect appointed by the Lisbon Municipality); architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça; engineer Tiago Abecasis, evaluated 62 applications submitted to the competition from 14 countries (Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, China, Spain, USA, China, Israel, Italy, Jordan, United Kingdom, Tunisia, India and Portugal) and determined the winner and shortlisted projects.

The Lisbon Municipality’s Alderman for Green Spaces José Sá Fernandes and Manuel Andrade of Fundação Galp Energia attended the occasion.

The winning works will be shown in the Fundação Galp Energia Room in the Lounging Space until November 8. The exhibition design was conceived by atelier mob.


1st Prize Telmo Cruz + Maximina Almeida + António Adão da Fonseca (PT)
2nd Prize Moxon Architects Limited (GB)
3rd Prize Impromptu Arquitectos + Selahattin Tuysuz Architecture (PT)
Honourable Mention Studio Kawamura Ganjavian (ES)
Honourable Mention Atelier do Cardoso (PT/ES)
Special Mention Tiago Barros + Jorge Pereira (PT)


Within its 2009 edition and the theme “It’s About Time”, EXD and the Galp Energia Foundation invite architects, engineers and all respective firms to design a new infrastructure for the Portuguese capital.

Due to a shared vision for building a legacy of sustainability in Lisbon and Portugal, EXD and the Galp Energia Foundation are collaborating on this landmark project. The bridge will facilitate access over a main motorway for cyclists and pedestrians. Hence, also encouraging the increased use of bicycles in the city.

The competition is open to architects, engineers and all respective firms worldwide. The winner will be awarded €10,000 and, potentially, the contract to design the bridge (construction scheduled for 2010). In addition, there will be two runner-up cash prizes and two honourable mentions. The winning work and jury shortlist will be shown at the Lounging Space during EXD’09, between 4 October (announcement of winner) and 8 November 2009.

27 July Competition launch
02 October Deadline for Questions & Answers
02 October Submission deadline
04 October Announcement of winners
04 Oct – 08 Nov Exhibition of selected works and the Jury’s shortlist

CONFERENCE EXD09/GALP | 03.10.09 | 17:00-19:00

17:00 Amanda Levete (GB) architecture
18:00 António Adão da Fonseca (PT) engineering

Amanda Levete and Professor António Adão da Fonseca will address the audience individually on the implications of civil projects on a city with particular reference to the anticipated cycling bridge in Lisbon. They will address pertinent issues of sustainability, social cohesion and urbanism.
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20 seconds
ExperimentaDesign invited creative individuals from around the world to participate in its first-ever Video Competition.

EXD looked for daring creative work and unique visions that were both inspired, insightful, challenging and outside the box. Distinctive artistic statements in their own right, these video should have reflected the Biennale’s spirit and convey a particular vision of the theme for EXD’09: It’s about Time.

The jury decided not to award the prize to a winner because it considered that the goals were not achieved. EXD shortlisted 5 runners-up whom will be awarded with Free Passes:

Silverstream Fernando Mamede Gomes / João Filipe Rocha Ferreira
Screen Clock Pedro Ferreira Moreira
It’s About Time Emanuel Lopes
From Inner to Outer Jorge Reis
Untitled/ Ruy Otero / E Viveram Felizes para Sempre

EXD’09 thanks all participants of this competition.
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