Lounging Space


Review Eduardo Souto Moura, Philippe Stark, Peter Saville, Stefan Sagmeister and other major players in the various editions of EXD.


THURSDAYS | 19:00-01:00

Discover creative Portuguese agents in the areas of graphic and product design, architecture, sound design, light design, advertising and multimedia. The multipurpose room of Lounging Space becomes a platform for the presentation and discussion of projects in different areas and formats: debate, screening, performance, DJ-set, lecture, workshop, launching, etc. Every Thursday, a new arrangement, with different actors and a multiplicity of creative expressions.


FRIDAYS | 22:00

DJs, collectives, professionals or music lovers in a musical challenge in several rounds. Selected weapon: mp3 player. Eight participants, individual or in a team, face each other in pairs, in 8 rounds carefully timed. Each opponent has 4 opportunities to attack of 1min30sec, meaning 4 songs, mixes or samples drawn from your mp3 collection, which are alternately played on the musical ring. The winner of each round is selected to play in the next one, until the grand final. With a sound meter in hand, the battle judge evaluates the public reaction by measuring the decibels in the room after every minute and a half of music. The participant that draws the most enthusiasm from the public is the winner of the round. Music wise, anything goes to raise the voices of the listeners and to accelerate the vibes in the room: disco sound revival, progressive kuduro, techno-beat, electronic, old-fashioned heavy metal; styles in pure form or blended in mixes.



A DJ suggested by one of Lisbon’s reference bars will recreate his musical environment at Palácio Braamcamp. The Lounging Space will be transformed by the different rhythms and sounds of the DJs that often animate Suave, Capela, Lounge, Etílico, Mahjong, among others.

Action for Age - Design for a better future

Exhibition (until 8 Nov) + guided tours and sessions with Storytellers (require booking)

The design addresses the complex challenges of an aging population. How do we identify problems, devise solutions and generate sustainable gains? The proposal developed by the Portuguese and English students for this EXD'09 special project are presented in the exhibition, with guided tours by the designer and coordinator Susana António. Members of the senior community who collaborated on the project will tell the stories of their experience in Lisbon’s typical district of Graça, the neighborhood chosen by the Action for Age team to implement the pilot project.


THURSDAY | 29 OCT | 19:00

Invited designers and a critic present and reflect on their selections of posters from Ernesto de Sousa’s emblematic collection in an informal discussion about compelling issues of our time, based on the theme What to Show Now.
10.09.09 - 08.11.09
11:00-20:00 SUN-WED
11:00-00:00 THU
11:00-02:00 FRI-SAT

Free entrance

Palácio Braamcamp
Pátio do Tijolo, 25
1250-301 Lisboa

Bus: 758, 773
Metro: Rato, Baixa-Chiado

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iPod Battles Rules

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