ExperimentaDesign Lisboa/Amsterdam

The programme for Warm-Up Experimentadesign Lisboa 2009 includes a curatorial Think Tank as well as development meetings for specific projects.

The Think Tanks are a crucial element in the construction and structuring of ExperimentaDesign. They constitute moments of trans-disciplinary, all-encompassing reflection, where different expertises and perspectives converge in an atmosphere of productive brainstorming and dialogue. The EXD Think tanks were inspired by the Critical Body, a trial group formed by leading Portuguese intellectuals invited to debate and critically contribute to Experimenta’s programme proposals. Meeting informally in numerous sessions held between 1999 and 2003, the Critical Body included, among others, Manuel Costa Cabral, Miguel Wandschneider, Luís Osório, Eduardo Prado Coelho and José Bragança de Miranda.

Participants in ExperimentaDesign Lisboa 2009 Curatorial Think Tank:

Ed Annink [NL]
Emily Campbell [UK]
Emily King [UK]
Guta Moura Guedes [PT]
Hans Maier-Achen [DE]
Jacopo Visconti [IT]
João Paulo Feliciano [PT]
Max Bruinsma [NL]
Mateo Kries [ES]
Pedro Gadanho [PT]
Tulga Beyerle [AT]