Heineken Infinity Lounge
Heineken Infinity Lounge
07   THU   DMA (Dj)
08   FRI   Gigi (Dj)
09   SAT   Closed
14   THU   Projecto B9B6 (live) + Aquela e a outra (Dj set)
15   FRI   Duro (Dj set)
16   SAT   Cláudia Armada (Dj Set)
21   THU   Viúva Escarlate (Dj)
22   FRI   Miguel Bonneville (Dj)
23   SAT   Dj madM
28   THU   Bernardo Castro (Dj)
29   FRI   Almada Guerra (Dj)
30   SAT   DMA (Dj)
05   THU   Haruko + Led to Sea + Joana Barra Vaz (21:00 CONCERT)
05   THU   Mellow X-Mas bash by M&M (23:00 Dj Set)
06   FRI   Mom is Proud, Videlicous, Milou Milou, Como Branco,
06   SEX   We Pinch (19:00 AUDAX / LABS LISBOA)*
06   SEX   BBP (Dj)
07   SAT   Astro Boy & LeMig (23:00 Dj)
12   THU   Old Yellow Jack + Just Under (21:00 CONCERT)
12   THU   Leote (23:00 Dj)
13   FRI   Sofia Louro (Dj)
14   SAT   Closed
19   THU   Bomba Kiwi (21:00 CONCERT)
19   THU   Joao Tenreiro + Leo Cruz (23:00 Dj)
20   FRI   Manu (Dj)
21   SAT   Astro Boy & LeMig (Dj)
A unique and surprising space that will remain in the memory of all its visitors. This is a meeting point between the contents, participants, journalists and public from all over the world that gravitate to Lisbon for the Biennale, leading to a deep experiencing of the NO BORDERS theme, heightened by the Heineken spirit.

A stage for the cultural programming of EXD’13, the Heineken Infinity Lounge is energized during the entire Biennale and also serves as a place for relaxation and entertainment in the city centre.

Lined with mirrors, this space welcomes visitors in an atmosphere that plays with spatial references, creating a stimulating and immersive effect along with a connection with infinity. Music, performance, acts and much more, join us and discover this unique space that invigorates the city’s nightlife from Thursdays to Saturdays.

* Project presentations on Fridays at the Heineken Infinity Lounge at 7pm, programmed by AUDAX - Centro de Empreendedorismo do ISCTE-IUL & LABS Lisboa | Incubadora de Inovação.
08 NOV — 22 DEC

Lounging Space
Convento da Trindade
Rua Nova da Trindade, 20
1200-303 Lisboa
T +351 210 993 045
Metro Baixa-Chiado
Buses 711, 732, 736, 758
Tram 28E
Train Restauradores, Cais do Sodré
Admission Free