VIARCO - Traços para o Futuro © RUI FERREIRA
VIARCO - Traços para o Futuro
Viarco-Indústria de Lápis, Lda
To write about Viarco is almost an impossible task as it is hard to transcribe into words the importance of this factory. It is a world apart, a place immersed in history, where time has stopped, but at the same time, a place of research, experimentation, modernity and innovation.

The pencil is the tool that we started to learn with, fundamental for artistic expression, written language, mathematics and music. Although often overlooked it is a common object in our lives since childhood.

To visit Viarco is to recognize the importance of the simple things of our lives through an enchanted journey into the world of pencils. It is a place of learning for children, which teaches and transmits the basic human values, of influence and residence for artists, and at the same time an amazing industrial museum.

However, simultaneously, it is an industry. An industry that enhances creative talent to develop new products, and creates opportunities for those to whom it relates through a logic of shared wealth.

Since 2007 Viarco has successively launched innovative materials in the world market, fruits of many collaborations, experiences and friendships. That's why Viarco continues - and will continue - to be an open-door company.

This exhibition reflects on how a supposedly obsolete industry can reinvent itself, abolishing the borders between production and creativity.
industrial design, product design
08 NOV — 22 DEC

Lounging Space
Convento da Trindade
Rua Nova da Trindade, 20
1200-303 Lisboa
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Metro Baixa-Chiado
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