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EXD'13 Lisboa Biennale opens 7 of November

The EXD Biennale returns to Lisbon, stirring the city's cultural life from 7 November to 22 December. For its 8th edition, an eclectic mix of curators, designers and creative practitioners will engage audience members in explorations around the theme – NO BORDERS.

EXD kicks off with a programme made up of original productions, and with the whirlwind of events of the Opening Week from 7 to 10 of November. Four days of openings, launches and programme highlights.

Here we present a brief summary of the programme, a line-up that you will not want to miss.


The kick-off of the Biennale, this exhibition is at the Lisbon Airport, a space where geographic borders are intrinsically diluted. Opening on the 1st of October, it presents a range of objects specifically designed for the transport, conservation and consumption of food products. The exhibition/installation is located in the Central Square of Terminal 1, after airport security.


Available for download starting the second week of October, EXD MAG is the new editorial project of the Biennale. Developed for iPad, it has a global distribution, through the Apple App Store and Newsstand. Allowing for various updates and containing a strong experiential component, it explores the NO BORDERS theme and the development of the programme over time in a unique and innovative way.


Palácio dos Condes da Calheta
Jardim Botânico Tropical

Is an exhibition curated by Annelys de Vet and Nuno Coelho, that explores the field of reactive map-making practices and poetic forms of anthropology, and unveils the apparent neutrality of professional cartography through contemporary engaged mapping projects.

Friday 8 November


EXD'13 Lounging Space
Convento da Trindade

Is a critical reflexion on the inherent identity and communication of design events throughout the world. It brings to Lisbon some of the main protagonists of their development, namely Directors and Curators, and will propose a new form of curatorial discourse and of developing perspectives and conclusions.
This exhibition includes two debates, one that will take place at the Torre Oca of the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, and the other at the auditorium of MUDE (Design and Fashion Museum of Lisbon).

Thursday 7 November


Planetário Calouste Gulbenkian

Is an exhibition curated by Joseph Grima that will initiate an innovative process with an extremely particular architectural and scientific structure - the international network of planetariums, starting with the Planetário Calouste Gulbenkian in Lisbon.
Neoasterisms uses the Planetarium as an observatory to examine ourselves and the landscape we create, in the search for mythologies of the future. The project delves into issues that question what values and beliefs lie at the core of a technologically-driven 21st century? What are the mythologies of a modernity both borderless and balkanized by an apparently unstoppable proliferation of frontiers? Bringing together writers, photographers and sound and light designers, it will also develope an interactive Internet component.

Friday 8 November


Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

Is a research and development project approaching the potential of Cork and the possibilities for the expansion of its limits. It explores the innovative and creative uses of this material, through the vision of 10 leading international designers and architects: Alejandro Aravena, Álvaro Siza, Amanda Levete, Eduardo Souto de Moura, Herzog & de Meuron, James Irvine, Jasper Morrison, João Luís Carrilho da Graça, Manuel Aires Mateus and Naoto Fukasawa.

Thursday 7 November


Torre Oca and Auditorium of the new Museu dos Coches

Bring together specialists from the international design panorama and from subjects that relate to the Biennale. They potentiate interest around the theme, project culture and creativity. Alternating between conferences and debates, this year they present a marked link with industry and the economy.

7, 8, and 9 of November


Torre Oca

Address questions of contemporary culture from different perspectives, encouraging debate and critical thought. In this edition, we will understand how some of the most interesting cultural institutions and their Directors influence the study of design, along with its development and application.

8, 9 and 10 of November


Festival IN
Feira Internacional de Lisboa

Is a symposium elaborated in partnership with Festival IN, about the future of the creative economy and its importance for social and economic development within the network of Portuguese-speaking countries. It analyses the transformation possibilities of conventional economic models and the subsequent development into a model that is multidisciplinary and creative, in a global perspective.

16 of November


EXD’13 Lounging Space
Convento da Trindade

In this 8th edition, the Biennale modifies its relationship with film, which was established with Designmatography, created in 1999 and curated by Ricardo Matos Cabo since 2001. This year, we present a new film cycle specifically dedicated to films, documentaries and works of fiction about design, created by different directors or by designers. This cycle articulates a perspective more focussed on the discipline of design, with a clear informative and educational vocation.
SHOOTING DESIGN is a partnership with Do You Mean Architecture, curated by Sofia Mourato in collaboration with the experimentadesign team.

Opening Session:
Sunday 10 November, 9pm

BELÉM will represent a set of urban interventions that look into this area of Lisbon to define a strategic sustainable development plan, where cultural and social innovation components and the various dimensions associated with public space are privileged. This project features two site-specific interventions that will be developed first:


Is a requalification project for the underground pedestrian passage, the only direct access connecting the Praça do Império in Belém with the Tagus River and the Padrão dos Descobrimentos.


Is an intervention where a team of designers will work on the lack of signage, communication, space organization and urban equipment, leading to the requalification and reformulation of constructed spaces and the strategic development of the Jardim Botânico Tropical in Belém.

The Biennale will once again encompass the Tangent projects, discovering new emerging talents, engaging the city with a strong emphasis on national production.

The Education Service will also return, promising to take the Biennale's contents further afield and establishing a bridge with the public, in a process that time and experience have come to consolidate.

One of the highlights of the Opening Week is the unveiling of the Lounging Space on the 7th of November around 11pm. The beating heart of the Biennale and its main communication interface, this year the Lounging Space is superbly located in the Chiado area, in the Convento da Trindade.

Follow the preparations for the Biennale as they are unveiled daily on experimentadesign's facebook page and Instagram.





MUDE - Museu do Design e da Moda | Lisboa; DGPC/ Mosteiro dos Jerónimos; Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical; DGPC/ Museu Nacional dos Coches; Marinha/ Comissão Cultural de Marinha/ Planetário Calouste Gulbenkian; Ordem dos Arquitectos; Fundação da Juventude; Cultural and Creative Industries Programme for ANA Aeroportos de Portugal: "See, Hear and Taste".

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the President of the Portuguese Republic - Aníbal Cavaco Silva.
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