The Portuguese participation in the Triennale di Milano consisted of a synthesis of architecture, industrial design and communication design, from 1990 to 2004, curated by Victor Mestre, Guta Moura Guedes and Henrique Cayatte.
Featuring a selection of some of the best works by Portuguese architects and designers, the show integrates 35 architectural projects, 30 design projects and around 50 projects from communication design ateliers.
Within this context, DesignWise is represented by the pieces - Just Beg, Key Bag, Bottled Spices, 1/3 Bottle and Tutti-Frutti.

The exhibition was held at Palazzo Dell'Arte, the Trienale di Milano building, signalling the official visit of the President of the Portuguese Republic to Italy. From November 12th, 2004 to January 9th, 2005, the exhibition was open to the public from 10H30 to 20H30.

Designwise available in France and Spain.

As a consequence of Experimenta's several contacts and connections, as well the interest the DW products have created among international media and opinion-makers, this brand of objects thought and produced in Portugal is now available in France and Spain.

The stores Happy Home in Paris (France) and Disennium in Figueras (Spain) are the first to sell Designwise outside of Portugal.

Portugal | Spain Exhibition

Over 900 people attended the opening of the design exhibition Portugal | Spain "Designwise 2.0" vs. "Diseño INJUVE 2003" on the 14th of July, at the Palace of Santa Catarina, in Lisbon. A numerous and diversified public literally invaded the first floor of the Palace for three hours, joining designers, critics, people of the arts and the letters, advertising executives, managers, and business people, both Portuguese and foreign, in a cosmopolitan and lively environment.

The opening counted on the presence of Pedro Roseta, Minister of Culture; José Manuel Amaral Lopes, State Secretary of Culture; Carlos Carderera, the Spanish Ambassador in Portugal; Aina Calvo, Deputy General Director of Cooperation and Exterior Cultural Promotion of the Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y of Cooperación de España; Almudena Mazarrasa, Cultural Counselor of the Spanish Embassy in Portugal; José de Monterroso Teixeira, Municipal Culture Director of the Lisbon City Council and Francisco Capelo used by juries doctorate graduates, manager and design collector.

This exhibition, where over 55 Portuguese and Spanish projects from 36 designers were presented, was very well received by the public and the critics.

In the official inaugural act the development agreements between Portugal and Spain in the scope of ExperimentaDesign2005 - Bienal de Lisboa were mentioned, and Experimenta thanked once again to all who took part in the Designwise second call for ideas, whose selected projects originated the Portuguese exhibition.

Enjoying the splendid rooms of the Palace and the view over Lisbon, the visitors were also able to sample the Oliveira of the Serra olive oil and to taste the Quinta das Graças white and red wines, offered by two of the exhibition's sponsors.

The exhibition can be visited till the 15th of August 2004.

Designwise 2.0 vs Diseño INJUVE 2003

Experimenta organises the design exhibition Portugal | Espanha at the Santa Catarina Palace, in Lisbon, which opens on the next 14th of July at 19h30. On the first floor of the Santa Catarina Palace two exhibitions in parallel are presented, one Portuguese and one Spanish, both resulting in a challenge launched to young professionals and students of various areas of design in its respective countries.

The Portuguese exhibition - "Designwise 2.0" - presents 14 prototypes and two special jury mentions resulting from the national call for ideas from the Designwise brand, as well as 12 especially selected Portuguese design projects. The Spanish exhibition, entitled "Diseño INJUVE 2003", is a showcase of works by 10 Spanish young designers carried through by INJUVE - Instituto de la Juventud, which was presented in Madrid earlier this year. The presence of this exhibition in Lisbon is an initiative of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the support of the Spanish Embassy in Portugal and is related to the relations initiated with Spain in the scope of the next Lisbon Biennale, ExperimentaDesign2005.

The event, as an incentive to Portuguese creativity, conciliates the showcasing of work from young Portuguese designers, with the stimulus of active international contributions in the areas of design, architecture and contemporary culture.

This initiative is supported by the Lisbon City Council, in the scope of its partnership with ExperimentaDesign - Bienal de Lisboa, and has the patronage of the manager and collector Francisco Capelo.

Santa Catarina Palace
Rua de Santa Catarina, nº1
(next to the Santa Catarina Belvedere/Adamastor statue)
Dates: 15th of July to the 15th of August 2004
Opening times: 15h00 - 20h00 (weekdays) and 11h00 - 22h00 (weekend)
Entrance: Free
Opening: Wednesday, 14th of July, 19h30

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa / Embajada de España en Portugal / INJUVE / Dirección General de Relaciones Culturales y Científicas
CTT - Correios de Portugal / Oliveira da Serra / Unicer / Briefing / Bonigraf


175 proposals were submitted to the call for ideas promoted by the Designwise brand.
Due to the great adhesion of the participants, a first selection of the projects to be presented will only be announced from June 21st.

Thank you for your participation!


With the purpose of widening the range of available products in the Designwise collection, the Experimenta Association is promoting an idea competition aimed at professionals and students*, for presentation of editable projects by the brand.

The participants are requested to submit their proposals personally or to send them by post to Experimenta, until the 31st of May 2004, weekdays till 18h. The submitted projects will be judged until the 15 of June 2004.

For more information and conditions of participation please go to the competition page** on this website or contact:
T. +351 21 855 09 50

* Portuguese nationals or residents in Portugal only
** in Portuguese only


DESIGNWISE was given a preliminary presentation in Barcelona, forming part of the mission of Voyager at Liber 2002, the book fair at which Portugal was the guest nation.
Having enjoyed tremendous success and arousing a great deal of curiosity amongst the Spanish public, the Voyager modular exhibition-installation remained at the FAD/Convento dels Àngels - Pl. Dels Àngels until the end of October, being visited, on average, by roughly 500 people per day.