The 4th edition of Experimentadesign – Bienal de Lisboa was held from September 15 to October 30, 2005. Under the theme “The Medium is the Matter”, EXD’05 focused on the media and the transmission materials perceptible in the gap between creator and receiver.

“The Medium is the Matter targets communication media and communicative objects - a realm where sometimes matter seems less important than the message it conveys, and in which the interactions between those who create and those who receive become the actual product.”
(Max Bruinsma guest curator)

As in previous editions, the Biennale’s programme included several initiatives in different formats, ranging from exhibitions and debates to urban interventions, conferences and workshops, held in emblematic venues scattered through the Portuguese capital.

Dedicated to design, architecture and contemporary culture, Experimentadesign – Bienal de Lisboa is an plural and inclusive event that celebrates and promotes transdisciplinarity, critical reflection and creativity.