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In 2015 the Mafra Municipality (MM) decided to rethink and renovate the Ericeira Tourism Office, located in the historical centre of the town at Praça da República, also known as “Jogo da Bola” (ball game). Considering the classification of Ericeira as a World Surfing Reserve in 2011, and the growing impact of this sport and tourism on the life and economy of this region, it became essential to create an approach that fully explored this new potential.

Following the briefing outlined by the MM, experimentadesign created a project that underlines the relationship between design and the economy of the sea, centred on one of the most important tourist products that we have – our coast and the cultural patrimony of the ocean – through an outlook of sustainability directed towards the tourist market of the 21st Century, which is more demanding, informed and cosmopolitan.

Underlined by a broad project based on strategic design, a proposal with three main objectives, shared by the MM, was developed:

  • 1 To maintain the function of the space as a point of tourist information about Ericeira, Mafra and Lisbon, reequipping the space in order to make it more efficient and appealing.
  • 2 To highlight Ericeira’s unique culture and its relationship with the sea, presenting it as a multifaceted tourist product with an accentuated competitive value on the global market.
  • 3 To create an Interpretation Centre about the World Surfing Reserve and about surfing in Ericeira, giving the public an informative and sensorial innovative experience.