ExperimentaDesign Lisboa/Amsterdam

The pinnacle event of the Biennale's launch, Peter Zumthor: Buildings and Projects 1986-2007, is his first major world-wide exhibition.

With an indepth approach to the work of one of the most acclaimed figures in contemporary architecture, Peter Zumthor: Buildings and Projects 1986-2007 surveys the creative process and the complex relationship the author establishes with time, the sites, atmospheres and inhabitants of his buildings.

Apart from examining Zumthor's remarkable body of work, the exhibition echoes and introduces the theme for the 2009 Biennale – “It's About Time” - in an incisive, multidimensional manner, in sync with the prevailing trends and lines of discussions in culture today. In this way, the Biennale benefits from a high-impact peak of media projection, aimed at stirring audience interest for its main issues and participants.

The lecture by Peter Zumthor will no doubt broaden the scope of the debate and the appeal of this prominent architect.