Open Day
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Open Day Abroad
11, 19 Oct and 8 NOV

This event brings together universities from different countries like Switzerland, Finland and Portugal, to present their academic curricula, projects and creative teaching strategies in the fields of design and architecture. We invite all the academic community at large to participate.

11 Oct — 14:00
Aalto University School of Art and Design, International Design Business Management (IDBM) Program — Finland
Instituto Superior Técnico da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa - Mestrado Integrado em Arquitectura — Portugal

19 Oct — 14:00
FHNW HGK - Basel School of Design Master in Visual Communication and Iconic and Research — Switzerland
Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa - Mestrado em Design de Comunicação e Novos Media — Portugal

8 Nov — 14:00
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Industrial Design — Israel

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higher education/ PROFESSIONALS

Design and Design Teaching
22 Oct — 16:00

Philip Cabau

Roundtable about the teaching of drawing in design and book Launch: Design pelo Desenho: Exercícios, Jogos, Problemas e Simulações by Philip Cabau. Drawing has been increasingly recognized as a tool for project-oriented thinking, however, courses in the projectual areas have fewer design into their curricula. This contradiction is the central issue of this debate involving several personalities related to the practice and teaching of Design and Architecture in various institutions of Undergraduate and Graduate degrees.

Fernando Brizio, Manuel Graça Dias, Fernando Poeiras, Francisco Providência e Vitor da Silva.

Philip Cabau

free admission
higher education/ PROFESSIONALS

TISA The informal School of Architecture

Urban Nouveau*

Urban Nouveau* was born in India in 2008, while the process of the Incremental Housing Strategy was taking shape in the streets of Bombay. Afterwards, Urban Nouveau* developed a strategy for the self-sufficiency of the region of Stockholm together with the local people at the Swedish Museum of Architecture. This project was called Connecting-Stockholm. Urban Nouveau* is a yin-yang platform connecting rich and poor, legal and illegal, right and wrong, male and female, theory and practice. Urban Nouveau* is now preparing to launch EASP - Estratégia de Auto-Suficiência para Portugal - in 2012 with the support of The Informal School of Architecture, a social instrument for collective evolution. TISA's pilot project took place in Cova do Vapor (Almada) and focused on understanding, documenting and strengthening architecture without architects, as well as the current networks of self-sufficiency that keep this precious wisdom alive today.

PRICE: 5,00 €
Mon–Fri 10:00–18:30

+351 925 128 222 M
+351 210 993 045 T
+351 210 963 866 F

Lounging Space
Antigo Tribunal da Boa-Hora
Largo da Boa-Hora, 13
1200-062 Lisboa

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