Aaron Cope
Aaron Cope

Aaron Cope is Canadian by birth, American by descent, North American by experience et Montréalais au fond. Once upon a time a practicing painter, Aaron was a senior engineer at Flickr, focusing on mobile and geo/mapping related tools, before leaving to join Stamen in 2009 as design technologist.

Stamen Design, an internationally-recognized leader in the design of interactive maps and data visualizations. Currently Stamen is working with National Geographic on an iPad app showcasing their maps; with MTV and Twitter on live visualizations of the MTV Video Music Awards, and with Yandex on a redesign of their online cartographic system. Stamen has recently finished an interactive map of broadband coverage in the United States for the FCC, visualizations of open data for MapQuest, and tracking the G8’s financial commitments to southern Africa for Bono’s One.org. The studio was one of Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2011.

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