Bárbara Coutinho
Bárbara Coutinho

Bárbara Coutinho (b. 1971) is the Director of MUDE – Museu de Design e Moda, Colecção Francisco Capelo and Member of Francisco Capelo’s Collection Management Board. Invited Assistant Professor (Instituto Superior Técnico) and collaborator in the Curatorial Studies Master (Lisbon University). Master in Contemporary Art History, is developing a PhD on the phenomenology of the exhibition space. Curator of MUDE permanent exhibition, Sementes, Valor Capital (2010) and 7 Ambientes/7 designers (2002).

Author of Sena da Silva, Designer (2009) and Único e Múltiplo (2011), she signed essays and articles on contemporary artistic creation, design, architecture and museology. Has participated in conferences, juries and seminars. Curator of courses about art/design/architecture and coordinator of the Centro Cultural de Belém’s Education Service (1998 to 2006).

Design is Dead! Long live Design!