Frédéric Teschner
Frédéric Teschner

Frédéric Teschner (1972) graduated from the Paris National School of Decorative Arts in 1997 and started his professional life with Pierre di Sciullo and Pierre Bernard, before striking out as a freelance graphic artist in 2002. Since then, he has worked regularly with architects, designers, young choreographers, art galleries or the Gennevilliers Theater. Since 2003, he has devised the visual identification elements for several exhibitions at the Pompidou Center in Paris.

These last three years have seen increased collaboration with museums; art centers and institutions under the French Ministry for culture such as the Plastic Arts Center (Cnap) and the Plastic Arts Delegation (DAP). Frédéric Teschner teaches graphic design at the Amiens School of Decorative Arts and in HEAD - Genève, Switzerland.