Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson is a household name in the field of design and visual communication. A selftaught, self-motivated creative agent, he was involved in the Sheffield music and arts scene during his college years, as the city morphed from “steel capital” and cultural backwater to a thriving alternative creative hub vis-à-vis the London establishment. Following a period of diversified design practice, Ian founded The Designers Republic (TDR) on 14 July 1986 as a universal declaration of independence from mid-80s mediocre blandness. TDR has sinceestablished a reputation for cutting edge, idea-sparked, Brain Aided Design™ fuelled by their trademark triple-A: Attitude, Approach and Application.

Searching out new challenges, TDR moved from the outsider comfort zone into the corporate arena, working as branding and strategic consultants in the regeneration of Sheffield, as well as developing global (re)branding for major corporations and institutional clients.

In recent years, Ian has lectured worldwide to over 65,000 people. He has also been active as tutor, external examiner, juror and advisor in several design projects and academic programs. But he still designs and djs. TDR’s book Yes? / No!™ (aka Thinking & Doing™ & Brain Aided Design™) is in the works.

Useless (the book)