Dasein is a project started in 2001 by Hugo Leão, Tiago Fonseca, Samuel Abecasis and Vasco Ferraz, students of Equipment Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon.
Since then, Dasein has had as its aim the participation in competitions, incorporating in their projects both a professional and an experimental aspect.
In 2004, Dasein (a collective currently made up of communication designer Catarina Pestana and equipment designers Hugo Leão, Samuel Abecasis and Vasco Ferraz) emerges finally as a studio, developing industrial and communication design projects.


Visual Identity for the musical group At-Tambur
Visual Identity for "Castelos de Risco"
Filling Station for electric vehicles, in partnership with IST - Instituto Superior Técnico.
"Chiclete" couch for Lounging Space / Experimentadesign 2003
"Vale do Ferro" website
Corporate Identity for "Farma3", Pfizer
"EICHO" website
Development of projects with SMAB, Indústria Tecnológica de Madeiras


Selected for the Designwise competition, organized by FABRICA Features Lisbon and ExperimentaDesign.

Honorable Mention - Plastval Design Competition, "Container for domestic packaging and waste disposal".


Juicy Boobs is part of the travelling installation/exhibition Voyager 03

Juicy Boobs integrates a selection of Portuguese design, following President Jorge Sampaio in a visit to Finland. Artek Gallery, Helsinki.
Designwise Module, integrated in the travelling installation/exhibition Voyager, organized by ExperimentaDesign, FAD/Capilla dels Angels, Barcelona.
Designwise, FABRICA Features Lisbon - Benetton Megastore, Lisbon.

Plastval Design Competition, "Container for domestic packaging and waste disposal", Atlantis Hotel, Sintra.
Plastval Design Competition, "Container for domestic packaging and waste disposal", Centro Português de Design (Portuguese Design Centre), Lisbon.