DESIGNWISE is a brand that edits original products and objects created by Portuguese designers. DESIGNWISE is not a specialized collection, nor is it dedicated to a specific category of objects. Its products span different scales and universes: of materials, uses and price. What gives unity to these apparently diverse objects is the fact that they all "tell a story", often with unexpected humour.

With the purpose of widening the range of products in its collection, Experimenta promoted a nation-wide call for ideas destined to professionals and students, for the submission of projects to be edited by Designwise.

Following Designwise's utilitarian and playful nature, projects of any kind and typology were called upon characteristics such as simplicity and economy of production - specifically aimed at the Portuguese industry - were highlighted, and considerations towards material features and technologies of production were taken into account, aimed at fomenting recycling and reutilisation.

An overwhelming number of Portuguese students and professional designers, from all over the country but also from abroad, answered this call, in an expressive total of 175 proposals.

The Designwise 2.0 jury, made up by Miguel Vieira Baptista, Fernando BrÍzio, Carla Cardoso and Pedro Franco, and, on a final project evaluation phase, Guta Moura Guedes, president of Experimenta, unanimously selected the projects of the following designers for the forthcoming DW 2.0 exhibition:

+ Rolo da Massa Adriana Maria Arrigada Gonçalves

+ Miss Lazy Claudia Costa e Tiago da Fonseca

+ Spank me Claudia Costa e Tiago da Fonseca

+ All you can eat Dona Susana e Senhor Tocas

+ Chaveiro Secreto Joana Margarida Lordeiro Amado

+ Bottled Spices João Sabino

+ 1/3 Bottle João Sabino

+ SIM Joel Moniz, M. Duarte e A. Branco

+ Salero Jorge Trindade e João Seco

+ Cabide Mariana Costa e Silva

+ Chovemim Nuno Miguel Caniça e Gonçalo Rebelo

+ Pinga Rui Miguel Pereira Alves

+ T-Bag Sara Amado

+ Time Condom Toni Grilo

Two Special Mentions were given by the Jury:
To the Sumo design collective, for the quality of presentation and creativity of their proposals.
To Mariana Costa e Silva, for the "Canapés" project, for the interest and originality of the project.

The Jury's Special Mentions, even though were not selected projects, will also be presented at the exhibition.

The Jury would also like to emphasise, with appraisal, a significant increase in the quality and relevancy of the submitted projects, as a whole, in comparison with the first edition of the competition in 2001.
Experimenta wishes to thank everyone who submitted their projects and ideas.

We are expecting you, and everyone who would like to join us, on July 14th, at 19h30, at the Santa Catarina Palace (near the Adamastor belvedere), in Lisbon, for the opening of the DW 2.0 exhibition. This exhibition will feature not only the 12 selected projects and the 2 special mentions, but also existing objects from other designers that Designwise approached, with the purpose of integrating them in its collection.
The DW 2.0 exhibition will be presented as part of an Iberian Design exhibition promoted by Experimenta and the Spanish Embassy in Lisbon, bringing to Portugal the Diseño INJUVE 2003 Exhibition, a showcase of contemporary Spanish design featuring projects from 10 young designers of our neighbouring country.