Loulé, 1975

Degree in Architecture of Design at Faculty of Architecture, U.T.L.

Profissional Expirience

Creation of a household waste separation unit for Ecofirma.

Design of 6 exhibitions and a children atelier for the Amadora International Comics Festival.

Curricular internship at ProtoDesign.
Freelance work at Kaizen advertising and marketing services agency, product design projects for Olá.
Creation of the visual identity for the 100-year anniversary commemorations of the birth of António Aleixo.
Participation in the "Escala Reduzida" project of children furniture design, Experimentadesign99.
Professional design and production internship at Experimenta, highlighting the stand design and exhibition production of the "TUG" Group at the Big Torino Biennale, Turin, Italy.
Coordination of the set and costume design workshop for Oficinão99, Aveiro.
Technical assistance, set design for the Teresa Prima "Eva" show, Danças na Cidade '99 festival.

Co-direction and set design for the Teatro Não "1/2 Culpa" show.
Participation in the Think Tank group of design research for Atlantis Crystal.

Starts working at JR Consultores, currently head of the Creative Department. Highlighted projects include mass-production modular store display projects for Optimus and Vodafone, and also project development for companies such as PT-Portugal Telecom, Nobre, Telepac, Bertrand Bookstores, Shell, Novis, Asics and Swatch.

Collaborative work with Miguel Vieira Baptista in the stand design for ICEP and Atlantis for the Frankfurt Furniture Fair, the Voyager travelling exhibition-installation for Experimentadesign01 and set design for the 18th and 19th editions of Moda Lisboa - Lisbon Fashion Week.

Re-pocket chairs design for Experimenta.
Exhibition design, Design Operandi exhibition, Experimentadesign01.
Exhibition design Dieter Rams Haus - co-production Experimenta / Centro Cultural de Belém.

Art Direction, sets and storyboard of the Miguel Mendes feature film "A Batalha dos três reis", shot in Morocco.

Collaborative work with Miguel Vieira Baptista in the design of the 20th and 21st editions of Moda Lisboa - Lisbon Fashion Week and Voyager.
Design of the Lounging Space communication module, Experimentadesign2003 - Lisbon Biennale.
Exhibition design, Absolut Inspiration exhibition for Absolut Vodka.
Design of couch for the 21st Edition of Moda Lisboa - Lisbon Fashion Week.
Curatorship and exhibition design, Linha de Água Exhibition, Experimenta / Oeiras City Council.

Collaborative work with Miguel Vieira Baptista in the design of the 22nd edition of Moda Lisboa - Lisbon Fashion Week.
Exhibition design, "Glória Coelho" for Moda Lisboa - Lisbon Fashion Week.
Design of a chair for the bar LUX, Absolux project.


3rd prize, New ideias for the industry category, "AIMinho Innovation", competition, promoted by the Minho Industrial Association, with the household waste separation unit developed for Ecofirma.

Honorable Mention, industrial design category, "Jovens Criadores 99" (Young Creatives) competition.

Gold and Silver Prisma Award, display category, for JR Consultores.


Guardar com Design, Fio de Prumo Gallery, Lisbon.
Design em português - escritório em casa, Fundação da Juventude, Porto.

1997 e 98
Forum estudante, FIL - Lisbon international exhibition centre, Lisbon.

Universal Design Exhibition as part of the European Universal Design / Social Accessibility seminar at Expo'98, Lisbon.

Experimentais\Experimentáveis, Beato Convent, Lisbon, and "Primavera del Disseny" at Palau Marc, Barcelona.
Escala Reduzida, Marquês de Pombal Palace, Lisbon.
Essencials Deluxe, ExperimentaDesign99, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon.
Projecto A0 - Design no Quotidiano, National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon.
Jovens Criadores 99, Old Courthouse, Braga.

Portuguese representation, "TUG" group, "Big Torino" Biennale, Turin.
"DUB" - Two Thousand Portuguese Design - Super Studio, Milan.
"BLINK" - Coexistence Showroom, London.
"Diseño Portugués - Un compromiso con la industria", Fundacion Carlos de Amberes, Madrid.

Sinne + 5, Design aus Portugal, Stilwerk, Berlin.
Voyager, Superstudio, Milan; The Old Truman Brewery, London; Pavilion of Portugal, Lisbon; FLAD, Barcelona (2002).
Reinventar a matéria, CRAT, Porto.
Think Tank, Atlantis Design Gallery, Lisbon.
Design Operandi, Cordoaria Nacional, Lisbon.

Think Tank, Frankfurt Furniture Fair.
Saint Etienne Biennale, Saint Etienne.
Design Português, Helsinki.

Ice Screams, Food design, Lisbon.
Custom eyes, Fabrica Features Lisbon, Lisbon.