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Peter Zumthor is an absolute, inescapable reference in international architecture and an object of study in this as well as many other related fields.

His striking creations stem from a bedrock of meticulous draftsmanship, coherence and flawless conceptual quality. A staunch believer that architecture is made and meant to be experienced first hand, inhabited and used, Zumthor's buildings are rooted in principles of sustainability, balanced integration in the natural surroundings and an extreme sensibility in the treatment and application of materials, drawing upon their tactile, plastic and reactive qualities.

Peter Zumthor
Photo: Miro Kuzmanovic/miromedia.net images
A visionary of space built and existing in time, Zumthor's ground-breaking approach encompasses and articulates all the factor's that influence the construction of a given building: light, climate, vegetation, altitude, the history of the site and the future of its inhabitants.

Disinclined to displays or derivations of his work in formats that are necessarily limited and limiting, such as exhibitions, books and catalogues, Peter Zumthor agreed to KUB's request, later backed by Experimenta, to put together an anthological exhibition, after over 40 years of professional activity and countless requests from the international community of academics and intellectuals. This is the exhibition EXD is bringing to Lisbon in September 2008.