Bernardo Gaeiras


Manufactured objects that clearly relate to the technological realm but break with standard attributes of design. Examples that illustrate such an idea are Inutensílios (2009) and Gizmo 2010, which aim at conveying a direct association with operative thinking. Inutensílios draws inspiration from fake archaeology and seeks to disguise itself as “objet trouvé”, and Gizmo 2010 alludes to the contemporary technological world where gadgets and interfaces are intrinsic parts of everyday activity. Gizmo 2010 is made of three identical objects so to situate it in industrial means of mass-production. What is peculiar in both cases is that, although the objects are archetypes of functional tools, they do not assume a specific functionality. Simply because they lack one.
29 Sep – 27 Nov

Lounging Space
Antigo Tribunal da Boa-Hora
Largo da Boa-Hora, 13
1200-062 Lisboa

Sun–Wed 10:00–22:00
Thu–Sat, eve of Public Holiday 10:00–02:00

Subway: Linha Azul, Linha Verde – Baixa-Chiado
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